Thursday, January 26, 2012



I love collecting.

I am not talking about 75 Limoge boxes on your coffee table.   People may love their Limoge boxes, but I really don't want a white swan box cluttering up my living room! To be fair, I did purchase a Battersea Box when I was in London during Princess Di and Charles' wedding.  BUT, this was the 80's and it was something I haven't repeated.  Ha!

What I love collecting are things from my life.  I create a history of my life in my decor.  In my previous post I had a picture of my living room and I have a white ceramic bamboo lamp I "borrowed" from my parents.  It is from the 60's and I grew up with that in my family room.  I added to my collection two fabulous lamps found on (to the right.)  I added a gorgeous white linen lamp shade and a beautiful turquoise finial- Voila!  A collection of vintage lamps from the 60's.

I travel a lot.  I will slip out whenever I can.  In fact, I am in the Chicago airport waiting to get on a plane to meet my husband in Prague in the Czech Republic.  Every time I travel I bring something back.  Shells from Bali, scarves from India, fabric from Thailand, beads from Africa.  Something that reminds me of my amazing times and interactions in different countries.  My home is a collection of my experiences.

I want that for my clients too.  When I accessorize, I open the drawers in their homes and peer into cupboards.  I love to find their old books and treasures from their trips.  They might have an some cut crystal from Aunt Mary Jane that they don't know what to do with, but when you bring those pieces together and fill them with Jelly Bellies and gum balls for Easter, you breathe new life into the crystal.  This will even bring new memories.  They may be about young children reaching their dirty paws into the crystal and you screaming at them to be careful!  Just kidding.  You will delight in the bright colors and the festive life of crystal.  It is not for grannys (or Aunties) any more!

Above are some of my collections of glass from all over, a mirror found on One Kings Lane (I adore all starburst mirrors), a dresser found at the Santa Monica Antique Show and a vintage Staffordshire lamp which inspired me to get a Bichon Frise!

I hope you enjoy collecting as much as I do.  Every time you are home, you are surrounded by great memories and inspired to create more.


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