Wednesday, January 11, 2012


‎"We are all curators at heart. We travel. We collect. We arrange. We rearrange. We mix the old with the new; the bought with the found; the passed-down with the picked-up-along-the-way. We create these beautiful little galleries throughout our homes that express our passions and curiosities to all who pass through. And then we start all over again!"

Serena and Lilly

I just love this quote.  When I opened up my Serena and Lilly catalog to see this I flipped!  I am NOT the only crazy person in the world who loves to move, change, and rearrange!  My husband hates it when I ask him to help move the sofas- AGAIN!  In fact, he refuses.  I was so excited when my son turned 14.  My personal Sherpa:-)  That lasted a month.  Now he refuses.  I guess that is what happens!  I have another son turning 13 soon.  Is it too early to think of him as Sherpa #2?  

Please note: I am strong.  I am restless.  I have no patience.  When I look up and want to move that painting, I run to the garage, get a hammer and start right away.  If I want to move the sofas, I try to put some felt pads underneath the feet to slide those suckers around.  If the felt comes off, I will just scratch the floor.  I call it, "patina!"  I have lots of patina in my house.  It is on the floors, the door jams, the walls.  Oops, another dent.  Don't worry, I won't turn you into my sherpa!


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  1. I love your before and after pictures. You not only have an eye for design but your landscaping is really incredible as well. SIMPLE and FRESH!!!!


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