Sunday, February 19, 2012


Hanging Beds

What do you do when you have a small bed room and a teenage boy?

Well, I have two boys and two small rooms.  Both boys like to hang out with friends- "Chillin'" and "relaxin'".  They would kill me if they knew what I was writing!  But I digress.  They are too old for a bunk bed so I thought I would squeeze a hanging bed in each of their rooms so they can have a place for their friends to hang out.

I bought the big rope at Home Depot and ran it up through the ceiling and my handy man attached the rope to the ceiling joists. The wainscoting was the perfect ledge for  a cleating system to secure the bed.  I know all boys try to swing off their beds like Tarzan.

Below are two pictures of one of the rooms.  (The other room is too messy!)

Note the skateboard

A small closet is the perfect bed frame!

Below are some pretty and inspirational photos I found on Pinterest.  Enjoy!!:



  1. Kathleen, I have a bunk house that I would like to install some hanging bunk beds in. How did you determine that the ceiling joists were strong enough to support the materials for the bed and the person sleeping in it? I asked one contractor about it and he told me it could not be done (without looking up in the ceiling)because the ceiling joists were not made to bear that kind of weight. Did you do any extra supporting? If so, how? Thank you.

    1. We had to look in the ceiling to see the existing width of the beams. My house was built in the early 50's so it didn't have enough support. So, I did have to reinforce the beams by adding additional 2 x 4s. Hope this helps!


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