Friday, February 3, 2012



Is anyone as obsessed as I am about them as I am??  I LOVE, love a good headboard! When I travel I see them everywhere.  On facades, in the parks and in mirrors.  A facade inspired the headboard I made below.  Technically, it is a Queen size bed with trundle I had made for a client, but you get the idea.  You can also see I have a turquoise obsession.  This Quadrille fabric, Pina, just makes this entire bed!

The headboard below is made from gorgeous Jim Thompson hand printed fabric that I carried back from Thailand.  I even had the window treatments (and bed skirt!) made from the fabric.  I love the color and movement of the fabric.  It harmonizes with the China Seas Bangalore Paisley hand printed wallpaper.  

I love the undulating curves of this headboard.  The scallop shape was inspired by the bubbles made from the Orsborne and Little Aquarium wallpaper.  There may be a lot going on, but what little girl doesn't like to sleep dreaming about the sea?  

Can you see my source of inspiration?  These are photos from my trip earlier this week to Prague.  The history in the city dwarfs any of my California history.  Look at these buildings!

I even like the bee hive "print!"

I can see two headboards in this facade!

This reminds me of the headboard done in the Quadrille Pina fabric.

I can't wait to make a head board inspired by this mirror!  Simple, yet brings a flavor of Thailand with it!  (Can you see my children's Flat Stanley project? Ha!)

 I hope you are inspired to look for a new headboard shape!


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  1. Hey Kath,
    This is fantastic - great eye to see the headboards in Prague. Clever use of art by classic designers - we're excited to see where this takes you (or more exact-where you take it) Jump on for the ride.
    Thanks for sending Germaine & Lou


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