Thursday, February 2, 2012



"After" with Nautical Maps
"After" with Oiled French White Oak floors
"After" A little built in geography lesson!


Living by the beach means living small.  Every nook and cranny is purposed and double purposed.  That doesn't mean, however, that a small space has to be ugly.  When we bought our house and saw the RED bathroom (yes, it SCREAMED red!) with the 80's movie star lights, and no shower, I saw right past the distractions and visualized what the space could be.  I knew I had to bring the space to the beach.

At the same time I gutted the bathroom, I was working on a complete remodel for a client.  We had thrown out the above pictured vanity before I realized I could up-cycle this beauty.  I took it out of the trash, added some v-groove paneling left over from my master bedroom wall, a marble top and cute knobs.  It gave us a TON more storage space.

In the second photo you can see the gorgeous oiled white oak floors that I installed all over my house.  I mean everywhere.  Every bathroom, every bed room- even the kitchen.  The house is so tiny I thought I would visually make the house larger.  Your eye flows from one space to the next.  Did I worry that two boys could destroy the floor with water?  No.  I have not had one problem with the wood.  I just love it.

Now, you know I had to get rid of the RED.  So, I primed the walls and went down the street to Minney's Yacht Surplus and bought some used nautical maps.  I searched until I found a bunch of maps of places I have traveled and lived.  The maps had notes and stamps, worn edges- and pretty beachy colors:)  So, I paid $20 and called my favorite wallpaper hanger friend.  When he had worked his magic, I had my beach vibe.  I have also enjoyed the benefit of knowing I can ask my boys any geographical question!!


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