Monday, February 6, 2012


Work in Progress

Why is every home a work in progress?  Once you finish something, you have to re-do or start a new project.  It reminds me of the Golden Gate Bridge.  When the painters finish painting the bridge, they have to march to the other side and start all over again.

You know I love a never ending project!  I want to share some photos of a home that is wonderfully homey and I love working on it every time I am allowed:-)  This is one of the best clients in the world!!

Gorgeous Entrance
After entering through the gate you open the front door to a beautiful great room on the right and a library on the left.  One of my favorite things about this home is the abundance of fireplaces.  They are everywhere!

The great room is really a "great" room!  Despite the large square footage in the space, the furniture arrangement makes it cozy.  The fireplace is often on- even though it is Southern California!
Great Room- living room

Close up of fireplace

The dining room is also a cozy affair.  The King and Queen chairs make my client stay for extra long dinners.

The view from the dining room to the living room
There are two of the same Merida jute rugs- one for the dining and one for the living space.  They really tie the two spaces together!

This is the library.  It opens up to this charming patio (as does the great room).  The library was once a pool room so I had the big black balls put in the fireplace.  The pool table may be gone, but I still love the balls!  Ha:)  
The library

Tomorrow I will let you peek into some of the bedrooms.  With three children, there are some fun colors!


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