Monday, March 12, 2012


I think art makes a space.

There are so many styles of art out there (Paintings, sculpture, photography...) that you can't go wrong.  Art is available to purchase at all prices.  I have worked at an art gallery, The Kneeland Gallery in Sun Valley, Idaho and at a museum, The National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C.  I have been exposed to so many artists, styles and I see the attraction to it ALL.  So how do you purchase your art?

I purchased my first piece when I was hanging art for a show.  I couldn't stop staring at the art.  It was a mono print with acrylic over it.  The central character was a cowboy and the artist was Larry Pirnie.  I had met him and his fabulously energetic wife and knew I had to have something made by him.  I was so  nervous buying it.  It was a ton of money for a recent college grad, but I felt a connection to the piece, as I felt a connection to the artist.  Well, my mom never understood why I bought art instead of a dresser for my clothes.  (My clothes were still folded into milk cartons stacked up on my floor!)  But, I knew I would have it forever.

This is an example of his work.  Am I a cowgirl?  No.  Can I ride a horse?  I would say yes, but the horses don't often listen to me:-)  So why?  I felt happy looking at it.  I love Pirnie's sense of humor in all of his works.  I became friends with him and eventually commissioned him to make a piece with a cowboy in his red truck with a poodle next to him riding on the range.  I thought that would make me laugh forever!  It made him laugh!!

Anyhow, am I commissioning art these days?  No.  I have three kids in schools, camps to pay, dogs to feed, but I still love art.  I am always on the hunt for a great landscape painting.  I just bought a fabulous plein air piece from a thrift store for $250.  I love hanging them all together.  They make such a great statement!  I also search for great work.  I bought 4 landscapes that arrived today from Francois Fournier, a landscape painter from Canada.  Here is one of them.

It was $100 and I could see his passion through his energetic brush strokes.  I love the colors.  They remind me of summer in Idaho.  I had a connection.

Speaking of color, I love the smile I get from another fabulous artist on Etsy.  The Pink Pagoda has tons of amazing work!  Could you imagine having this triptych in your daughter's bedroom?
How cute is that?!  Her colors and patterns are fabulous. Whether it is a hot pink pagoda or an orange dragon, I am drawn.  As her store states, "Dress up your walls with affordable chic chinoiserie!"  

So you see a theme.  Buy when you have a passionate connection with art.  If it makes you happy now, it will make you happy a long time!  Do I still have my plastic milk cartons with clothes?  No! But I have my art!  And, I do not regret buying any art I have.  The only regrets is about the art I haven't purchased.  So go and buy something today!!



  1. I love this Kathleen, and just did a post on buying original art. Your home is beautiful and I see your passion.
    xo Nancy

  2. It's so nice to run across someone who honestly enjoys art! This is my first time to read you post, but plan on looking around at what else you've blogged about, Aloha Raliegh

  3. Kathleen, I have now drifted my way through your posts to here....

    We agree about art - buy what you like. And collecting - the more you buy what you like, the more impressive your collection becomes.

    The best part of adding a new piece? It makes you look at all the older pieces in a new way and maybe items get moved around so they look fresh again!



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