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I have a big friend.  I call him, elephant, elephante, the big El.  I have no idea why I adore them.  I remember as a ten-year-old going to Africa, Kenya, and watching the elephants run by our Land Rover.  I was so amazed at how much healthier and bigger they were than the zoos at home.  Elephants put a smile on my face.  

I was wasting my life away doing research on Pinterest and stumbled across this adorable illustration by Caitlin McGauley.  I put it in my "art" board so I would remember this fabulously chic guy.

Caitlin McGauley

Then the next day whilst pinning researching, I saw this amazing topiary garden of elephants.  How incredible!  I can't imagine what Edward Scissorhands would do with this?!  It must have taken years.  Look at the white tusks.  That's true art!  I don't know where this garden is, but if you do, please let me know!  I must take a jaunt to have a peek.

I decided to do a search to find some elephant images.  I found the picture of myself below when I did a photo shoot for Vogue.  Haha!  Completely kidding.  Could you imagine getting on top of this guy?  And looking so chic while deep down knowing you are going to fall off at any second?!  I don't even know who this is and where it was taken but it is impressive.

A blog about elephants is not complete without mentioning my favorite, Pink Pagoda! You can have her (she is pink after all) in note cards, on coffee mugs and as art on your wall!

Pink Pagoda
I also frequent my favorite shop that I have never been to, Circa Who, to see what retro chinoiserie there is to buy.  I have dearly wanted an elephant garden seat.  I actually purchased one from the 60's on Etsy and it arrived cracked and broken.  I feel like a bit of history was lost.  Now, I am afraid of having one shipped, so I continue to search for an old one at every garage sale and flea market.

Circa Who

I went back to my photo albums and grabbed a few pictures of some of my favorites. The first is a palace wall in Jaipur, India.  There were a bunch of these guys all lined up. Amazing.

Udaipur, India


Ganesh(a) are everywhere in India.  In fact, they are in most every house.  Genesh is one of the most widely recognized Hindu deities because of the elephant features.  He is revered as the "Remover of Obstacles".   Who doesn't need someone to remove obstacles?


This painted Indian elephant has it's trunk up.  This is a sign of welcome and good luck.


Indian statue

Of course, next to the cars and the motorcycles comes and elephant in India.  I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this and had to grab my camera.  I never knew what would be coming down the street next!

Here is a picture taken in Thailand when I was riding on an elephant with my sister, Lisa. I saw the beautiful Asian elephants with seats on them and had visions of galloping through the forest on my elephant.  Well, let me tell you, that seat was NOT comfortable. My back was aching thinking about the jaunt through the forest.  Needless to say, I didn't last long on my elephant...

Thailand Asian Elephant

BUT, I was on long enough to take a picture of me riding my guy:-)

My sister, Lisa, and I riding an elephant


  1. Hey Kathleen - Just enjoyed your post on elephants. Nice! Reminds me of the old days. I first learned of Ganesha while working at the Smithsonian's Freer and Sackler galleries. The Sackler has one of the best collection of Asian art, and their Ganeshas are awesome! I still remember the curator's talk :-) Have a great weekend, Loi

    1. Thanks, Loi! I am waiting for your next one:-) So much pressure! Ha!

  2. Hi Kathleen! Thank you for including my print! I love all these elephants!


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