Saturday, April 14, 2012


Girls' and Girl's Rooms:

There are so many beautiful girls' and girl's rooms.  I particularly like a room that has fun, energetic colors and a stunning headboard.  Often there are two main colors used in each room with a "pop" of another color.  The rooms are always pulled together by window treatments, fabulous bed skirts, and repeated colors.  I have put only a few of the MANY I adore.  I am not adding my daughter's (Posy's) room, because it is too cluttered to take a picture!  She will collect bubble gum wrappers if I let her!!

Anyhow, here are some rooms I am especially attracted to.  The first image of a room designed by Caitlin Creer caught my eye because of the two main colors, green and yellow.  The headboard is a great shape and there are two lamps grounding the picture with it's "pop" of pale blue.  You can see a little of the same blue in a bird picture on the wall.  It is just enough so that the room isn't too matchy-matchy.  Love that green trellis pillow!

Caitlin Creer Interiors

This feminine room looks like it is for a younger set of girls.  The headboard with the pelmet hiding the wispy sheer fabric is in my favorite color- turquoise!  I like the "pops" of pink in the window treatments that are different styles but use the same fabric.

Janie Molster

The bedroom below is dreamy.  The colors with the pink and green are just gorgeous. The walls are painted a soft gray that calms the room.  Let's talk about the stunning fabric on the pelmet and the headboard!!  I love anything Indian inspired:-)  This is traditional in it's motif but the colors are very modern and fresh.  The design is by Katie Ridder.  She is one of my favorite designers.  In fact- go buy her book Katie Ridder Rooms.  I have put a link on the title to Amazon.  The book is amazing!

Katie Ridder

Now, what did I say about loving anything Indian inspired??  This is crazy gorgeous!  It amazes me that the two patterns- the walls and the fabric on the beds don't clash but complement each other.  The combo is Ivana Wallpaper and Jakarta Printed Fabric in Coral & Turquoise from Thibaut's Shangri-La Collection.  The headboards' shape and the adorable moroccan table between the beds leaves me drooling.


I must be on an Indian kick because I adore this fabric too.  The draping fabric is such a great way to give the room a finished look.  The way is flows from the pelmets that are attached to the ceiling give the room height and the beds an amazing presence.  


Now who doesn't want to party after seeing this room?  The light fixture is the stunning focal point.  The turquoise beads just scream, "happy!"  The stripes scream, "party!" but the liberal use of white ties it all together.  The darling "L-O-U" pillows give it such great personalization.

Kiki's List

The adorable room below by Palmer Weiss is covered in one of my personal favorite wallpaper and fabrics.  It is a paisley from China Seas.  In fact, I have the Bangalore Paisley in my own bedroom in taupe on tint. The way Palmer uses it- the wallpaper, the roman shades the pemet- is amazing.  It acts like a subtle backdrop to the bright pink day bed.  
Palmer Weiss
I almost forgot to add one of my designs.  I promise, I will post my daughter's room when I can take a good picture.  I will add two photos of two different rooms with similar elements.  They are for twin girls who have their own rooms.  I liberally used my favorite color Turquoise.  (It happens to be their favorite color, too!)  The first room is "popped" with yellow and the second with pink.  One day I will get a professional photographer to take pictures.  If you want to see more photos of this room, visit the House of Turquoise blog.  Sweet Erin wrote a blog dedicated to these two rooms:-) 

After looking at all of these rooms, I don't know which I love best.  Have you created a beautiful bedroom for a girl?  I think you get to be a lot more adventurous with color than you can in your own room.  I always want a bit of peace, so I used taupes and greens in my bedroom.  OK, I had to have a turquoise desk in there too so I can smile at the beginning and end of each day:-)

Enjoy your weekend!!



  1. Fun post, K! Given the choice, I would rather decorate a girl's room than a boy's. Maybe because I like pretty things :-) But, I do love all the great new designs for boy's now (like industrial mix). Have a great week. Loi

    1. Yaaa...I am with you! Girls rooms are so much more fun than boys! Too bad I have 2 boys. Haha!

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    I must be on an Native indian conquer because I really like this material too. The hanging material is such a great way to provide the area a completed look.


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