Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Gorgeous Collections:

I adore items when they are grouped together and collected.  They act as art and inspiration.  The color pallet is amazing in the first image.  There are many pans of "holi" colors used in the Indian Hindu Holi Festival.  I would love to design a room with pops of these colors.  How about a beach house with a fun striped changing room or a bunch of pillows in these bright blues and greens?

The collection below is a group of hand knitted urchins.  They look soft and cozy. Patricia Bown must have a ton of patience to get the stripes and variations of colors on these. They would look amazing in a muted living room piled up in a bowl.
Patricia Bown's Knit Sea Urchins
The  Milk Glass collection is very melodious in it's display.  The notes (bottles and bowls) rise up and down on the shelving.  The whites are set off by the neutral gray paint used on the wall.  The collection would be at home equally in the kitchen or in the living room. It is a true grouping of sculptures.
Milk Glass Collection
Being one who lives by the ocean, I just love the collection of sand dollars.  They remind me of walking the beach as a girl trying to find the perfect, unbroken shell.  They would end up piled on the bathroom countertop with sand all over my room:-)
Sand Dollar Collection by Omnia
The colors on the soda bottles are my favorites.  Turquoise, greens, blues and whites. They are just beautiful when backlit or displayed against the natural light.  I have some in my kitchen on a top shelf I cannot reach.  
Soda Bottle Collection by MaritereCR
This Kauai surfboard fence is so cool!  What do you do with a board once it has been ridden a few too many times?  Perfect solution.  I love to imagine what waves have been ridden on these boards.  Who rode them?  A young wahine?  A pro on the tour? 
Surf Board Fence by Citiflicker
In this collection of buttons made from shells, I think of all the hours spent carving and putting holes in these.  Imagine how many break before a "good" one is made!  
Button Shells
Do you have any collections?  I have shells, glass bottles and paintings.  I enjoy finding them as much as displaying them.  Hope you are enjoying your collections!



  1. Do I have any collections? Way too many!!! :-) I'm thinking of starting a vintage map collection of Washington, DC. I don't need another collection, but they are so fun. Have a great weekend, Kathleen!! Loi

  2. Enjoy your collections this weekend!! K

  3. I have wanted to start a collection of some sort since I was a child, but the spartan in me rears its head before I get started. I think a collection of watercolor paintings would be lovely though. I love watercolors.

    In your photos, I really like the vintage bottles! They would catch the light and be oh so pretty!

    Enjoy your weekend!


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