Thursday, April 26, 2012


Pillows and More Pillows

Who doesn't LOVE and OBSESS on pillows?  OK, my husband for one.  Other than HIM...Are there actually people out there who don't change and move and buy pillows (oh- I think the last reason is the real reason my husband doesn't like my obsession!)  They make a room fresh, fun and fab!  Whether it is your living room or bedroom, the space becomes finished and new again with the addition of a different pillow.

Pillows add color, texture, warmth and energy depending on the fabrics.  When they are all piled up they make me want to jump into them:-)  My dog does, in fact, dive into the piles everyday, all day and ruins the perfectly fluffed pillows.  I think it is so cute to see her snout poking out of a Euro on my bed.  (I know Mom, I didn't train her properly!)

Anyhow, enjoy the fun pictures below.  I could add photos ALL day to this blog...but maybe I will do another blog on pillows so why not wait??  

PS.  I have added the links to the caption under each pillow, so if your significant other isn't looking you might want to do some shopping:-)

Caitlin Wilson Textiles

John Robshaw

Les Indiennes

Peter Dunham
Kathryn Ireland

Galbraith and Paul

Serena and Lily

Serena and Lily and Crate and Barrel

Do you have a favorite?  I don't know if I do!!


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