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The fabulous Jennifer, from the The Pink Pagoda Blog "tagged" me in this fun game!  I am to answer the following 11 questions and then send 11 new questions to other bloggers.

While I am sure you have all heard about the The Pink Pagoda blog, there is that outside chance that you have not...SOOOO, please click on her link above.  I am obsessed with her blog header that you see below.  Also be sure to visit her Etsy shop, The Pink Pagoda.  I have purchased many things from her there!

The Eleven Questions:

1.  Where in the world would you most like to live?

I would live in my neighborhood, Bayshores, in Newport Beach, CA.  I love to be outdoors and you can't beat the weather.  Now, would I buy another house??  You bet!  On the water is my first choice:-)
My house

2.  Who is your favorite artist?

That is a hard question!  I love so many artists and styles.  I will say that the art exhibit that inspired me to pursue my art history degree, is Mark Rothko.  I was living in London and stumbled upon an exhibit of his work at the Tate Modern and ended up staying for hours.  I was so emotional!  This is a photo of someone looking at his exhibit at the Tate Modern.
3.  What is your favorite architecture style?

Again, I love so many styles!  I am most comfortable living in a Cape Cod style home.  Many of the homes in my neighborhood are Cape Cods and I went to high school outside of Boston where there are many of those!

4.  Where did you travel on the trip you've most enjoyed?

My favorite trip I took was with my husband to Turkey.  We had so much fun in Istanbul, drinking tea, buying carpets and boating on the Bosphorus.  A close second is to Thailand.  There were so many fabulous fabrics!

5.  What was your most and least favorite academic subject in school?

My favorite subject was art history and any subject I took in Italian.  (I had a double major of art history and Italian studies.)  I didn't like Chemistry.  Grueling! 

6.  What accomplishment outside of family, would make you most proud?

It would be that I have bought, fixed up and sold over 350 homes.

7.  Is there a design trend you love?  One you don't?

I love all things Moroccan and Indian inspired- mirrors, wallpaper, furniture.
Kerry Howard

Farrow and Ball: The Lotus Papers

John Robshaw Textiles

8.  Whom would you most like to meet?

My grandfathers.  They both died before I was born.  

9.  What is your dream job?

I love the job I have:-)

10.  What's your favorite book?

The Bible. After that any murder mystery.

11.  Who is your favorite interior designer?  Why?

Katie Ridder
Katie Ridder Rooms

Katie Ridder Kitchen

My favorite designer is Katie Ridder.  She is a west coast/east coast girl who loves to travel and manages to combine all of that in her work!  Her colors, textures and vintage pieces give each room a sense of history in a fresh way.  

The bloggers I am passing this on to:

The Questions:

1.  If you could have coffee and chat with a famous person who would it be and what you want to chat about?

2. What is a little known fact that your readers would find interesting about you?

3. What word(s) would you use to describe yourself?

4.  What is your most prized possession?

5.  If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?

6.  What is your all time favorite book?

7.  What is the most important trait in a person?

8. Who is your favorite designer and why?

9.  What is your favorite room in your house?

10.  The most important piece of advice you have ever been given?

11.  If you could be anyone else in the world who would you be?

I can't wait to hear their answers!!


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  1. I love that you are so well traveled and worldly, Kathleen! And, WOW(!), 350 homes?? That is amazing and very cool. Thank you for tagging me. I'll be working on this soon :-) Cheers, Loi


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