Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Window Treatments:

I saw this "Don't - Do" drawing while on Pinterest.  This is brilliant.  I can verbally explain why one needs to hang drapes high above a window and run a rod so that the drapes clear the window, but it is so much easier to see why in the illustration!  

1.  Hang them directly above a window so your room looks like it has short ceilings.  With a rod that is too short, you will never see any light because it actually covers up the window panes.

2.  Hang them high and add drama and height to the room.  A wider rod enables the panels to clear the window so you can see the sunlight.

This is a beautiful example of a "DO!"  The windows look so dramatic yet soft and inviting.  I want to lounge in this room and take in the great view through the French doors.

Photo from VT Interiors

In the room below, the window treatments are hung clear up to the bottom of the crown molding.  The stripes add a dynamic energy to the room.  The space is cozy, fresh and polished.

Janie Molster Designs

The room below brings the drapery up high and adds a pelmet (or fabric valance).  The pelmet covers the drapery hardware and gives the room a traditional touch.

Palmer Weiss

Speaking of valances, I saw another great "Pin."  This collection of valances shows several ways to cover hardware.  A "valance" is a general term for a decorative covering on top of the window hardware.

Mrs. Howard Personal Shopper

This valance rocks an Indian vibe.  The room is completely modern with this intricate element of surprise.  Beautiful.

Lonny Mag

The valance below is called a "lambrequin."  A lambrequin is a valance that comes down the sides.  It can be long or short and may or may not have curtains underneath.

Rowley Company 

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