Thursday, May 31, 2012


Citrus Inspiration

I saw this photo of citrus cut up and I died!  What amazing inspiration for a home's color scheme!  The yellows, oranges, greens and pinks look so fresh together.  That would energize a home, right?

How about some lime-striped floors with lime-seating topped with a grapefruit ceiling?

NY Magazine
A stunning Madeline Weinrib carpet with the orange background and grapefruit accent color?

Madeline Weinrib
I mean, really.  The union jack AND the orange dress with lemon accents?

Funky Time
The lemon stripes and floor are almost a lemon-lime color.  Stunning!

House Beautiful

 How about a moment to pause and enjoy the lime chest?
Young House Love
 Or, you could go crazy and stripe the floor...

Kate Spade Store Palm Springs
 Don't forget the lime greens in the formal garden.

 OR, another gorgeous carpet...
Rug Studio
 With an orange pagoda mirror on top?
Mirror Image
I just love this lemon stool/coffee table with hits of lemon and orange in the window treatments!
Better Home and Garden
 Succulents always bring a little lime in the house.  How come mine don't look this good?!
Simply Succulent
 A grapefruit chevron patterned ombre wall.  WOW!

I hope you eat your oranges today!!



  1. What fantastic color Kathleen! And I want a Madeline Weinrib rug!!

  2. Kathleen - Your posts are always so cool and hip! Totally happy and punchy colors. Nice!! Great year round, but especially awesome for summer. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I love ALL of these! But then again, I'm one who absolutely LOVES color! Great job! How are you doing? I enjoyed "camping" with you at Tobi's! Hope all is well in your world!

    1. Hi sweet Sandy! All is great:) Just really busy- but who isn't! I want to go camping again!! Maybe we should all "unplug" this time. Haha!


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