Saturday, May 19, 2012



People always wonder where I come up with my inspiration.  Sometimes it is a fabulous rug that inspires the color palate of a room- or house.  Other times it is a curtain fabric, paint or a piece of furniture.  The best inspiration, however, comes from items that have nothing to do with home design.  They are the little things that we notice.  

I wonder what inspired this beautiful backsplash-

La Belle Vie
Or outdoor shutters.
Tommy Hifiger's House

 Was it this amazing bird?
Wake Up in France
 A cup of cappuccino at a friend's wedding shower? 
 Some tasty macaroons?
French pastel macaroons
 A stunning leaf?
Beautiful colors
 A bouquet of ranunculus?
 Or some thread in a needlepoint shop's window?

Rainbow of thread
 A stunning tulle skirt skirt?
 Or some Lamingtons (traditional Australian finger cakes)?

Coconut Squares

I hope you look at ordinary things in a different way today!  Have a great weekend!



  1. Beautiful photos, Kathleen! That tile is pretty great. I love the blue shutters as well. All best, Phyllis

  2. Hi K - I repinned that house photo from you today :-) Did not know it belongs to Tommy Hilfiger. And, I also love those tiles....beautiful and the colors combined! I would learn to cook just to stare at those all day! XO, Loi

  3. Hi Kathleen, what a perfect message to show that inspiration is really everywhere!

    I hope you're having a lovely week!



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