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I want to share an amazingly fun educational experience with you!  For a while, it seemed as though every gorgeous room I saw while perusing House Beautiful or Traditional Homes was designed by Tobi Fairley. I would dog ear a corner of the magazine or rip out the page to put into a client's file.  While Pinning on Pinterest, I would see her images that, although traditional, were infused with a fresh, youthful and sometimes bold color. So, I tracked her down.

The hunt led to her website that showcases her portfolio, her design services, her great blog and something very interesting- a design camp! Hmmm. Very interesting!  Who has time for that!?  What?  It is in Arkansas?  Where's that?  Just kidding, but it is not close to California.  So, I looked at some more of her portfolio.  Aren't these gorgeous!?!

So, back to the design camp information I went.  I am a true believer in education!  One can never get enough.  Even if you are the most successful person, you can always learn more.  Every time I go to a designer's lecture or see a gorgeous room, I am inspired to tweek my business so that I can add value to my clients.  Is there a better way to present ideas to a client?  Is there a different way to arrange a room?  Is there a new product I can introduce to someone?

Yes, my fabulous husband manned the fort- three kids to school, sports and scouts- while I got on a plane and went to the:

Tobi Fairley Design Camp!

The three-day immersion course was held at her offices.  I met and learned not only from Tobi and her staff, but also from the many designers- and design enthusiasts- from around the country that attended.  I had so much fun laughing and learning.

Time for a short infomercial:-)

The Tobi Fairley A to Z system for Designing your space takes you through steps like:
A is for Art
B is for Budget
F is for Fabrics and Finishes
I is for Inspiration
N is for No No’s-Avoiding Designers biggest mistakes
S is for Style and Shopping
X is for X-tra special ways to take your project to the next level.

And in this intensive camp, you’ll learn all 26 steps and have a great time in the process!
And the best part is when you complete this camp, you will have designed a room of your choice and walk away with all you need to make that room come to fruition! We’ll even give you some homework prior to camp so you come prepared to make your room design a reality during your three days on site in Tobi Fairley’s Studio and Gallery.

I can't recommend this enough.  Even if you can't get away from your 17 children, someone else may want to.  Pass the info along.  Do you know anyone who has attended?  I was at a blogger's convention in Los Angeles, where Tobi spoke, and I met three others who had attended and loved it.  Enjoy!



  1. I'm a Tobi fan and used to live in Little Rock where I think the design camp is. How spontaneous of you to go! It sounds very interesting. I've thought about going. Little Rock is only 5 hours from me and my parents live about halfway between here and there. I'd love to chat with you about it sometime. Thanks so sharing this! Jennifer

  2. You lived in Little Rock? Wow! We must chat about it. She is so fabulous- as is her entire staff and mom:-) I am happy to share any of my learnings. So many take-aways!! xo

  3. Hello, Friend! Thank you for sharing. I love finding out about stuff like this. So glad you went....many of us would just wished we could go. While my style is more Swedish and neutral, I totally appreciate and dig Tobi Fairley: chic, young, and unexpected. I adore Tobi Fairley's confident use of color....pops of it. Nice! Hope you have a great Mother's Day weekend :-)

  4. Hi Kathleen, How great! (And how great are husbands that can (and will) deal with everything so we can get away for stuff like this?) I, too, really like taking classes and learning from other professionals. I am going to look into it. I like Tobi's style at lot, thanks for sharing these photos. Have a great weekend, Phyllis

  5. Thanks, Kathleen!!!! You rock!!!

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  7. What a lovely and amazing blog.will keep following on it makes me more interested and intrigued.


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