Friday, June 15, 2012


Desert Kitchen

I am so glad many of you liked to see the progress of the desert house great room!  I thought I might add the kitchen for you to see as well.  Again...this is a progress report!  Not a final:-) Can you tell I have school age kids?

Here is the kitchen the first day I saw it.  A few stub outs for water in the middle of the floor in the big room.  Hmm.  Not much there:-)  I see an island-to-be, a stove, upper cabinets and a gorgeous hood.  What do you see?

Near the door is space for a breakfast table

A random electrical room could be turned into a pantry...

A butler's pantry that could have a coffee bar and a desk for those quick recipe look ups on the internet!

Back to the drawings.  I had to draw out what was in my mind.  Of course, that includes every angle of the kitchen.  The island had to have four views so everyone (the electrician, the plumber, contractor, etc.) knew where to put the necessary connections for the 2 dishwashers, the sink, the microwave, etc!  The cabinet maker took my scribble and put it into CAD (computer aided design) to work out exact dimensions.

Then, on to fun things like slab yards.  The island ended up being 10' long so I needed to pick out some big slabs!  Since there would be a seam in the middle, I found some slabs that are "book matched."  The beautiful Arrabescato marble slabs below were cut sequentially from the Italian quarry.  Then, they polish a "front" and "back" side of the stone so the two slabs become mirrors of themselves.  The result is quite dramatic.  I can't wait to see them installed!  We went over edge detail and the overhang for the bar stools earlier this week.  We are getting close!

My picture is pretty bad, but the stone mainly has grays with some hints of taupe and brown.

For the back splash, we are using my favorite Moroccan hand made tiles!  This is the pattern I want them to lay it in.  It is called a running bond or subway pattern.  I took this picture outside in the blazing sun, so the tiles look the same.

This shows how the tiles will vary in color.  They have white, gray and beige colors.  I won't have a border, but I wanted you to see the depth of color.  They have a high gloss finish and because they are hand made, the light will bounce off the tiles.  Gorgeous!

So, drawings became a reality this week!  The center is the island and the empty space will house the hood.  

This a close up of the cabinet detail.  I love the simplicity with a hint of pretty-ness (yes, a new word!) found in the beaded detail.

The fridges will go on the left empty area.

A close up of the double fridge (actually, a fridge and freezer).

This is the entrance to the Butler's pantry.

The little desk will go inside.  I thought we should use the "un-useable" space in the lower right side.  There will be a hidden door with a printer that will slide out.  Then, you won't have to look at the nightmare on your desk!

This is a picture of the kitchen faucet we are going to use.  We used Newport Brass fixtures throughout the home.  We will have levers instead of cross handles.

know it is not finished, but it is a LOT closer now!!  I will show you the final when it happens!!



  1. WOW. I'm so impressed with all of this! What a huge project and I can tell you're not in the least bit overwhelmed. That marble is crazy gorgeous. I can't wait to see all of this!!

  2. Amazing! I remember when we planned to renovate our kitchen a friend shared a space saving tips. By adding
    pull out pantry units since i have no space for pantry because we have a small space before.


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