Monday, June 25, 2012


Patterned Floors

I love patterns on floors!  The pattern becomes the energy source for the room.  It adds movement to the room and can bring your eye all around the space. You can always have a carpet or a rug that does this,  but I really like it when someone is so courageous, they paint or tile their floors!  I say courageous because it is pretty darn permanent- or at least, not cheap to change.  When you put pattern on the floor the results are worth every scary moment you spent second-guessing yourself and worrying if it would be "too much." They look amazing!

I read an article in the Wall Street Journal on nautical decor and saw this chevron floor. The white walls with the baseboard painted in the same blue as the chevron is so dramatic and fresh!  

Chevron painted floor

Phoebe Howard's room is just plain pretty.  It isn't dramatic, but the tonal diamonds add character to a room that may have been a bit too ordinary without it.

Phoebe Howard

Yes, I am obsessing on chevrons!  This gorgeous green and white Moroccan tile is perfect for the outdoors!  Because it is the same color as the other garden greenery, the color choice is brilliant.  I adore the texture the floor brings to the space.  I would live in this garden!

Designed by Richard Shapiro

The subtle stripes in the picture below are so calming.  They move your eye to the dog first, then the fireplace.  OK, and back to the dog!  Don't you love dogs in pictures?  It makes me like the house- and homeowners- even more:-)
Country Living

Now, this wood floor is stunning.  I love the two different tones of wood used!  The space is small and this gorgeous floor turns the room into a gem!  Ok, I just took a break to open my new Veranda and this photo is in the July-August issue!  You must read the article and see all of the other rooms that Nick Olsen designed in this house!


This paint is amazing too.  There is so much going on in the room- the turquoise walls, the green lamp shades, the gigantic ornate frame- that it needed an equally strong floor to balance the room.

Lastly, look at this painted "rug."  There are so many jewel colored paints used.  It has a time worn feel that instantly makes this room homey- in a good way!


There are so many more examples that I have fallen in love with!!  When I am sick of my own floors, I will paint them.  I may be a little scared, but when I am ready, I will look at these photos and remember that the reward is just around the corner!



  1. Hi, Kathleen! I love painted floors! I think it is a great way to re-work an old floor. They are especially wonderful in kitchens, porches, and bathrooms.....but also in other rooms as you've shown above. That last one is unlike any I've seen.....great trompe-l'œil!!
    Cheers from hot and sticky DC!! It will be over 100 degrees again :(

  2. I adore painted floors. I first started noticing them in Diamond and Baratta's work and fell in love with what they can do for a room. My husband is so good about letting me do whatever I want with the decor of the house, but he looks HORRIFIED when I mention my interest in having our floors painted. Oh well. I'll just enjoy your beautiful images!


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