Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Better Homes and Gardens

I am so happy to have my old bathroom featured in the August 2012 issue of Better Homes and Gardens!  I moved from this house about two years ago and I do miss this bathroom!  The home was built as a beach cottage in 1949 and had two large bedrooms and a teeny tiny bathroom to share.  I have no idea if this was true, but I always thought the person who built this had the top floor filled with bunk beds and little kids who didn't care about the bathroom because they only had one thing in mind.  The beach!

We lived in the home for a year before we did the renovation.  I needed space!  We added this master bath and a walk in closet as well as a new bathroom and two smaller bedrooms.  The vanity was fun to build.  Since storage was at a premium I decided to build the center high up.  This way, I could have a drawer to house the blow dryer.  I had the electrician put an outlet right behind the drawer so I would never have a blow dryer out on the counter.  That drives me crazy:-)  I also liked having a side for me and a side for my husband.  We never fought!  

Being a giant 5'2" and 3/4", I liked having the round mirrors to tilt at the perfect angle.  One for me, one for him!  The tub from Sunrise Specialties is awesome too.  I used to throw all three children in at once!

I remember picking out the beautiful Calacatta Gold slabs and choosing the edge detail to go with the vintage of the home.  Same goes with the cabinet faces- traditional and classic, just like the home. 

I am so happy that the new owners love this bath and really appreciate the new owners giving me the credit for designing this bathroom.  It was a design from the heart.

Hope the bathroom has inspired you!



  1. Hi Kathleen - I love your new blog / website design---NICE!! Congrats on the feature in Better Homes and Gardens. Your former bathroom is wonderful. I love all the custom work. You are so creative, and a real problem solver.

    1. How much do I adore you! Your comments are always so thoughtful! Have a great weekend and enjoy your garden! xoxo, K

  2. Whoa. Kathleen! That's so exciting!! Congratulations! And the bathroom is beautiful!


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