Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Coming Along

I was out in the desert yesterday to see the progress of the first desert house.  I kept singing the Third World reggae song, "96 Degrees in the Shade."  I really should have been singing, 110 steamy degrees inside the house!  Holy moly, Batman!  I opened the door and stepped out of my air conditioned car and thought someone had thrown me into the steam room at the gym.  (That is imagining that I really DID go to a gym!)  

I got my game-face on and started going through the hundreds of boxes that I have been shipping down to another house (project #2) and began the task of labeling.  Nothing like a black Sharpie and a box cutter:-)  Hmm, this is for Bedroom #2 for the first house and that is for bedroom #4 of project #2.  Yes, the minor disaster is that boxes of items for BOTH projects are/were going to the same location!  I had some amazing helpers who happened to be from Mississippi, so they had no problem with the heat. They knew how to mop the brow and carry on.  I am quite skilled at that now.

I found all of the light fixtures, labeled them and brought them to the other house.  In spite of the heat, I actually got excited thinking about each room!  It is going to be ahhh-mazing!  

Here is a peak at the master bathroom.  Remember that everything has four layers of dust on it and is mostly wrapped up.  There is a box on top of the tub, so you can't see the entire shape.  It's part of the cloak and dagger secrecy.  Ha!

Love the new vanities.  You can neither see the wood details nor the slab, but I will reveal more later.

This is the wall that separates the tub area and the shower area.  When you enter the room, you will be able to see the slab from the tub soap niche run up the back wall in the shower.  The veining is really pretty.  I visualized laying in the tub and reaching over to this niche so I wanted it to be accessible whether you are facing North or South in the tub.  I ran the slab down to the floor so the drippy hands won't ruin the wall.  

I love, love the dual shower heads with the handheld on the side walls.  If you can tell, the back wall is a polished (shiny) slab and the side walls are honed (matte) 6" x 12" tiles laid in the same off-set pattern as the main floor.  I did this so that the gorgeous nickel fixtures would shine that much more brightly against the wall.  Your focus will be on the slab and the trim- the jewelry, if you will.

 The other side.

I really wanted this to be clean, so I had the contractor install a channel drain.  He graded the shower pan so that the water would fall toward the drain which is in front of the bench.  I love that you can tile IN the drain.  As you can see, I added another texture. The same tile, honed, in 1" x 1" squares.  This helps for slippage too.  You wouldn't want any slab on the floor!!

This is a peek from one opening of the shower to the other.  Each side has their own linen closet.  There will be some big double hooks on the outside wall to the right for a robe and towel.  Easy access.  I had the walls of the opening and the dam (threshold) surfaced in slab as well.  It is so pretty when you don't have to see grout when you are stepping into the shower.

I know a toilet is a toilet, but I think this is just pretty:-)

The faucets are gorgeous!

This stone is the flooring for the majority of the first floor.  The top left fabric is going to be used in the 10' drapery panels that will be lined with felt and another liner so they will look lush!

Here I am trying different pulls on the kitchen cabinets.  I am going to use the top in the master bath and both of the others in the kitchen and pantry. 

Here is a little peak at the kitchen.

This is the last little teaser.  You can see the Moroccan hand made tiles going in on the back splash.  They will go all the way up the wall.  We have a rockin' nickel hood coming in and the three pendants will allow anyone to see the hood and wall.  

I hope you enjoyed your "peek!"



  1. Everything you're doing is absolutely amazing, Kathleen! I'm looking forward to seeing all of the lovely progress!

    1. Thank you for your nice comment:-) I am in love with your room! xoxo

  2. Hey Kathleen - This is such a great project. I'm jealous :) The marble is incredible.....it makes the bathroom (from what I've seen). Look forward to more photos.


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