Thursday, July 19, 2012


Desert Upholstery

I have just visited my upholstery that is being made for the first desert project I am working on.  I thought it would be fun to share the process of designing and creating upholstery.  I start with something that inspires me.  This can be a shape I see in some architecture, a graceful curve of a piano, a photo in a magazine or a vintage piece of furniture...You get the picture.  

My trip to Prague

My trip to Prague

I often have a photo that I scribble on with modifications and bring it to my upholsterer.  

Nail Head Styles
Then, we talk about all the fun stuff.  Will I use nail heads?  What size?  What color?  What is the spacing?  Will I use welting (trim)?  Is the welting a different fabric (contrast welting) or the same fabric (self welting)?  

Contrast welting and nail head trim

What will the legs look like?  Espresso brown? Painted orange? Straight? Curved?
Furniture Legs
Once we get all of the details down, I find out how much fabric I will need to create the piece we sketched out.  Most of the time, I know what fabric I will use before hand.  However, this often changes because either I am inspired to make a different choice or the fabric is out of stock!  I am always thinking about choice A, B and C!  Then, I need to figure out pricing for my client.  That may lead to fabric choices D, E and F:-)

Once I get the OK, it is a go! I buy and deliver the fabric, the upholsterer makes the frame, and the magic begins.  Here are some works in progress.


Bed Frames

Bed Frames

Bed and chair frames

Detail of BIG nail heads on the head board

Chair frame
Chair arm


Many chairs!

Hi chairs!
Foam seats waiting for the down

Sewn cushion covers

One of three panels for a wall headboard

This will be gigantic!

I can't wait for these to be in the new house!!  It will be clean and monochromatic, unlike my life!  Haha.  


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  1. Hey Kathleen - Thanks for the behind the scenes look. I love the upholstered gigantic headboard panels. Everything has such clean, transitional lines. Very cool! Can't wait to see the install.
    Ciao ciao,


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