Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Tile and Stone

I am so excited to be working on another house in the desert.  It is larger than the other house I am working on in the same neighborhood.  (Yes, that would be about five times as large as my home!)  The house has some great curb appeal that will soon be enhanced:-) 

Imagine a creamy white paint on the smooth stucco with the warm used-brick accents.  When I saw the stairs, I thought that it would be a great place to add something special.

We can remove the orange hued tile and add some hand painted tiles!

I remembered seeing this photo on a brochure for Tabarka Studio tiles.  If you are not familiar with the company, they are located in Scottsdale, Arizona where artisans hand paint terracotta tiles.  I am having some painted for the other house I am working on. I want to do something similar to the tile risers in the photo below using different colors and patterns.

These are close ups of some of their beautiful patterns.

Since my color palette will be creams and terracotta, the beige colors will work better.  I have selected my tiles and strike-offs are being made this week.  A strike off is a tile sample.  Because the tiles are all made to order and because they are different colors than their samples, I want to be sure that they look as good in my hand as they do in my mind:-)

I love some of these arabesque shaped tiles!  The big daddy on the bottom left is going in the master bath floor.  

The arabesque tile below will be used as a back splash in the kitchen with a limestone counter top.  This sample has been grouted.

This sample has not been grouted, but I like it because it shows the individual tiles fit together like a puzzle.

The demo of the project is cruising along and soon I will have a clean start!  The interior furnishings and the new kitchen design and fixtures will really work well with the architecture of the home!  I hope you like!!



  1. Hi Kathleen,

    What a great resource; the tiles are beautiful. I love the arabesques as well. Looking forward to seeing photos as you progress!

    All best,

  2. Hey K - Love that you are busy and working on so many projects. I love the tiles you featured. They remind me of Andalusia. Congrats!

  3. Hi Kathleen, your clients are so lucky to have you! I can't wait to see the results of your magic! Jennifer


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