Monday, August 27, 2012


Desert Update

Hope you had a great weekend!  The weather was just perfect and I even went swimming in the waves for a couple of hours. Warm water and fun surf!  

Here is a little update on the first desert project.  I was able to get 90% of the furniture in there during the HVAC outage (117 degrees!).  I wish I was kidding.  The contractor has a few more things to finish including a giant NanaWall in the great room which will bring in 10' x 20'+ of open light facing the backyard, the pool, golf course and mountains.

This is the project the first time I saw it.  Below is the entrance with the curved ceiling.  I had them take out the curve and the dividing plaster beam and put in sleek dark stained beams.

Second visit:

 Beams in:

Here is the after.  Well, how about the almost-after.  I hate when things aren't completely done, but we have most furniture, lighting and a partially completed fireplace.  We lost the fourth pendant on the right during installation, which I re-ordered.  We played open-the-trash for a couple of hours, but never found it!  The pendant lights will be lowered down.  You can kind of get the vibe even though there is a wall of black plastic, no TV and terrible pictures:-)

Here is the office with the zinc desk and vintage globes.

 This is a little set up in the master bath with soap, cotton balls and Q-tips.

I love how much the dining room has changed.  The top is a before picture.  Do you see the circular wood?  The ceiling looked like a 3 tiered wedding cake.  I had them fill the ceiling in so that it was all one level.  The room is oddly shaped so this took the focus off of the shape and onto the dining.

I love the lights, the mirror and the chairs.  The window treatments which you can hardly see bring the whole space together!

This is one of the secondary bedrooms.  The side tables are metal with blue stone tops.  The cubes at the end of the bed offer toy storage.

This is another secondary bedroom.  I wish you could feel the velvet bed and see the pretty chrome nail-heads.

This was a blank niche in the hallway among three secondary bedrooms.  I am so glad I didn't put in a wall of cabinets!  This bench opens the hallway up and by adding in the grass cloth and velvet cushion, you really do want to take a break here.
 Another secondary bedroom

Yes, the mirror is waiting to be centered:-)

 The master.  I wish I could show it all to you.  This is probably the least finished space!

A reading area looking out toward the back
In front of the fireplace.  The blank wall is waiting for a giant leaning mirror and the fireplace is being Venetian plastered this week.

A random niche across the downstairs bar was turned into a lounge.  The sofa fits perfectly and I love the wallpaper.  Can you see the silver glow?  The brass sconces are very cool too.

This is the media room before:

Now, here are stairs to the media room.  I adore the pretty hand painted tiles on the risers!

The sectional for cozy TV viewing

 No TV yet!
No railing either.  Ha!  Notice the caution tape.  That was put there for my benefit.  I almost fell down:)

That's about it for now!  I will get you real pictures for the grand finale.  It should be another few weeks.



  1. Kathleen,just found your blog and portfolio from my friend Jennifer, and I LOVE your work. This blog is a great journal of the process and so fun to see.
    Your home is beautiful, and your kids room is wonderful.
    Great job.

    1. Hi Nancy! Any friend of Jennifer's is a friend of mine:-) I just love her! Thank you for stopping by and I will take a tour to your site! Kathleen

  2. Looks great, Kathleen; nice work and congratulations. And congrats on the HGTV segment. Unfortunately, we haven't made much progress on getting a TV, so I won't see it, but maybe you can post a video.

    1. You are so funny. I really don't think you need a TV. Your house is too pretty! Ha. I would just gaze out your windows instead. Hope you are having a fun summer! xo, K


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