Thursday, August 30, 2012



I love green.  It makes me happy.  It gives me energy and as a child I always said it was my favorite color.  I loved to play soccer in green Dolphin shorts!  Remember those things!?  That was not a good look.  Anyhow, greens all go together.  Look outside your window and see all of the shades in the trees, plants, grasses and flowers.  Don't they look harmonious?

In fact, green is all over my house.  I have a photo of my living room below.  I remember selecting the paint called Jalapeño pepper.  Doesn't it make you want to party?  My mom hates it, but I still love it.  I have yet to throw a party, but I could...See how many shades of green you can find?  Like Where's Waldo!

These shoes rock!  I used to be obsessed with shoes (when I didn't have to pay for them myself! Ha!)  Now, I admire them from afar.  These are from the Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2012 line.

Of course, I couldn't live without a green elephant!  I now want this.  This is from the fabulous Etsy store, The Pink Pagoda.

This is fun inspiration by Anders Gramer, a European photographer who does so much for Elle and Elle Decor.

We can always gaze at Martha Stewart's Jadite collection.  It is so impactful when tons of pieces are stacked like this.  I also like the sink.  Fab!

Even a Kindergarten class can be inspirational!

This is a DIY job from City Dwelling blog.  I mean, if I had tried that you would have seen green paint all over the place- the floor, the amazing wallpaper- you get the idea!

How peaceful, how balanced!  This is from a little girl's room in Los Angeles designed by Mary McDonald.
The ginger jars and the pillow are great.  The shine, the color saturation- amazing.  It is a design by Nicholas Haslam.
 Can't forget our limes bursting with color!  I see a little Jalapeño pepper in this!

Ahh, Gumps.  Yes, simple, classic gold and green earrings.  Who wouldn't look stunning in these?  I could wear my little black dress with black heels and a little make up.  I can see it!
I have had the same Kitchen Aid mixer since I got married in 1994.  It is a forest green.  (I told you I have like green a long time!) I could update it with this though.  OK, or the turquoise one.  I think either would be cleaner than the one I have.  How do you clean all the nooks and crannies?

Last, the stair runner.  This is from a British magazine called Good Homes. If I had stairs in my house, this is what I would do.  I would energetically race up those stairs every day:-)

Hope you enjoyed your green inspiration!  Don't forget to look out your window and take it all in!!



  1. I love green, too! My favorite accent color.

    Kathleen your home is so fabulous and worldly!! I'm so mad you didn't let me blog about it :( Actually, Jennifer did such a beautiful job. Your dining room is really cool. Love the Chinese portraits.

    If I am ever near you, can I visit? :)

    1. A. You are welcome ANY time!! B. I thought Jennifer would just smile- not want to blog on it:) C. You are the BEST!! xoxo, K

  2. Your room is lovely, and green is actually my favorite color too. I just don't use it that much...go figure. I think I am finally going to cover a vintage sofa in green velvet. Jennifer's prints are my favorite.

    1. I must see the picture of the green velvet sofa when you do it. I have always wanted one! Maybe, my next home- or next week:) K

  3. Green makes me happy! Thank you so much for including my elephant! : )


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