Tuesday, August 21, 2012

HGTV: ChildStyle with Rebecca Woolf

 HGTV: ChildStyle with Rebecca Woolf

I have been working hard this summer.  Did I go to Maine on vacation with my family?  No.  Did I go on a camping trip with my family?  No.  (Well, I have to admit that I really wasn't too fired up about camping!!)  I have finally finished up on the first desert project.  Yes!  I will share photos soon.  BUT, what I would like to update you on is the filming of my daughter's room by the awesome HGTV team led by Rebecca Woolf!

She is great because her name is Rebecca.  That is my middle name and Posy's (my daughter's) middle name.  OK, that is really not why she is great, but it helps.  Ha!  Rebecca has a fabulous blog called Girls Gone Child.  In fact, Disney's Babble.com named her the most influential mom blogger in 2012.  HGTV hired her to tour stylish children's spaces- one of which is Posy's room.  Such an honor!  The new HGTV series is called ChildStyle with Rebecca Woolf.  The episode should come out in November, but I will share some pictures from the "making of..."  The crew was there from 9-5pm and they were ALL awesome. Funny, fun and did I mention funny?

Here are a few pictures of Posy's room:

The entrance

This is a picture of Rebecca.  As I said, "Mi Casa Es Su Casa!"  My house is your house.  As you can see, everyone was able to feel comfortable enough to rummage through the fridge!

Rebecca and crew

Crew's crew-stuff!  Cameras, booms, etc.  (The etc. is because I have no idea what else was there!  I know no tech speak!)

More funny crew.  We took several shots of greeting Rebecca at the front door.  I never knew how many "takes" it took to get everything right!

 We thought it would be fun to get a shot where they pretended to work instead of eat:-)

Here is the real dining room before the invasion of the crew!

Here is Posy "posing" in her room.  She was desperate to go to the beach and didn't want me to take any photos.

I will give you the heads up when the episode is finished.  I hope you like it!!



  1. Kathleen!! That is so exciting! Your house and of course Posy's room is beautiful! Congratulations! I can't wait to see the show!

  2. I love what you have done,the rooms are beautiful and Posy's room is stunning, i wish that it would be possible to watch the show but i live in france and this show is not available to me.Is it possible to tell me the designer for the wallpaper in your daughter's room as i have fallen in love with it. Much thanks

    1. Thank you! The wallpaper is Aquarium by Osborne and Little.


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