Sunday, September 16, 2012


Amanda Nisbet

I was so excited to open my mail and find this beautiful book by interior designer, Amanda Nisbet called Dazzling Design.  I always read Tobi Fairley's blog and in April she told readers to pre-order the book on  Of course I obeyed.  The book has all the gorgeous photos that I had hoped for, as well as information about Amanda as a person, which I thought was fantastic.  I am not a friend of hers, but after reading the book, I think we would be!  OK, I know, we would have to meet first:-) 

Yes, her interiors have colors that are bright and fabulous, but the thing I really love about her work is that she gives each space heart and soul by adding vintage furniture, art and lighting balanced by new pieces.  As people, we are who we are as a result of our past. We change and evolve.  We keep pieces of our past and memories with us and we also let some go to make way for the new things that make us happy.  In my own home, I have rugs I purchased on trips, lamps from my childhood along side a new silver side table.  Amanda balances rooms so well using this formula.

I hope you purchase her book!  If not, take a peek at my friend, Jennifer's blog, The Pink Pagoda.  She has a few snap shots from the book:-)  You should also visit Amanda Nisbet's website.  You will see some of her design projects, read where she has been published --and be sure to check out her bio.

Dazzling Design on Amazon

Amanda Nisbet

Which rooms do you like?  I have always loved the girl's room with the pink and white curtains and the silver pouffe!  Hope you had a great weekend!!


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  1. I'm loving my book, too! She's so talented. One of these days I'll have your book, too!


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