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Merry Christmas to ME!!  I am so excited!  Last week I had a visit from Alex from the Pacific Design Center Quadrille (Los Angeles).  He showed me sooo many awesome fabrics from Quadrille.  Quadrille includes China Seas, Alan Campbell and Home Couture.  I invited two other designer friends to meet Alex and see the lines.  I think they thought I was crazy oohing and aaaahing and touching every fabric.  They don't only have amazing fabrics, they have gorgeous wallpaper too!  Did I mention they have outdoor fabrics?  Oh, and that they can custom print on several of their gorgeous linens and silks.  And if you want, you can have custom colors!  Hurray!! 

Even if you don't recognize the name, I am sure you have seen the many fun and colorful fabrics.  I opened my September 2012 issue of House Beautiful and saw this yummy bed.  Ok, anything with turquoise makes my heart go pitter-patter:) 

The bed is made from the Suzani collection.  Fab!  Below are the other color ways it comes in.  All happy colors.

I have used several fabrics- and the Bangalore Paisley wallpaper- in my own bedroom.  The corner chair is upholstered in Trilby and the long pillow on my bed is Jacks II.

Designer Palmer Weiss had custom colors made for this Bangalore Paisley wallpaper and fabric.  Love!
Designer: Palmer Weiss
My daughter's room has two bolster pillows covered in the Ginza Blue Jungle fabric.  The three Euros and the skirt on her trundle bed are made from the Java Java fabric in new blue on white.  Lastly, her coral pillows are covered in Cross Check in new shrimp on tint.  Don't you just love those color names?

Ginza Blue Jungle

Java Java
Cross Check
I designed this bed with coordinating pillow in the Pina fabric.  The color way is Dark Turquoise on Tint.  This room was designed for a girl, but the fabric could be used in a master bedroom.  It is sophisticated and traditional with a happy twist on top!

These darling chairs are covered in the Saya Gata fabric- Orange Lines on Tint.  I don't know who designed this dining space, but it is from the Quadrille website.  I would love to eat in there every day!  (If anyone knows who the designer is, let me know!  I would love to give them credit.)

Saya Gata

This is the new Brighton wallpaper.  Love, love, love!!  The orange color is to die for.

The bathroom below was featured in House Beautiful December 2011.  Robert Couturier did such a beautiful job!  The colors are so fun and fresh!

Traditional Home featured this red chair with the Java Java fabric in April 2011.  I would love to find some hideous old chairs, paint them in red (or blue or green) and use the coordinating Java Java to cover them.  If I wan't so bad at doing anything DIY, I might try it! (Now ask me to fix a kitchen faucet, and I am your gal!)

This pillow in Potalla is gorgeous!  The colors are so soothing in the Multi Blues color way.  This is a perfect inspiration fabric.  It is one I would use to design a house or room around.  You could also just buy a pillow like this from the Etsy store Elegant Touch!

Etsy store Elegant Touch

This fabulous Chinoiserie inspired bathroom is wallpapered in another version of Potalla.  It is called Potalla Background.  The walls bring the entire bathroom to life.  (Again, don't know the designer to credit!  Help:))

House Beautiful

As you can see, I can go on and on sharing inspirational photos.  The bottom line is when I want a happy space, these are the first fabrics I go to.  I hope the pictures made you happy!  I wish I could tell you what my favorite fabric is or what my favorite wallpaper is, but my answers change every day!! Go to the Quadrille Editorial pages and check out all of THEIR inspiration!!  

Have a great week!



  1. I am a fabric junkie. I wish there was a prize for hoarding fabric. I love all of these, and would have had tears in my eyes when Alex brought out the fabric.

  2. My rep was here last week - they were my favorites of the lines she showed me!

  3. This is my all time favorite line! These photos are beautiful!

  4. I've not used their fabrics before, but will check out. They are so fresh, current, and yes, happy! Love your selections, K!


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