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Hi All!

I haven't written in a while and I miss my blog friends!  I want to share a little bit about what I have been up to!  I finally finished my first desert project (the entire home) as well as my second desert project (another entire home), went out to Tobi Fairley's Designer MBA camp in Little Rock, Arkansas and have joined a Master Mind business group for interior designers and design professionals.  Additionally, I am installing a living room and family room in Laguna Beach tomorrow, remodeling my own kitchen that was damaged by a wee bit of water, installed another entire home in Newport Beach, and have been working on a bunch of other fun projects!  I know, I have no excuse for my lack of blogging but I've tried to think of a few:-)

I got a photographer out to the desert last week.  He was great- and very patient as I made the beds so they would look pretty:-) I also finished up another home (7,400 sf) in the desert that is bigger than this one (7,000 sf)!  I will show you pictures of that next because you really haven't seen any.  

This is the great room taken from one end to the other.  The shot really helps you realize how gi-normous the room is!  The gorgeous ceiling fixtures are 50" diameter fixtures so that will help you spatially.  The house is Mediterranean and I gave it and updated fresher look.  For example, instead of the rounded soffits in the ceiling from before, I had them take the curves out and add the straight dark beams.  In a more traditional Mediterranean home you would find more distressed beams, perhaps in a lighter, more walnut wood.  The dark beams really draw your eyes up.

The gorgeous wall-o-windows opens all the way up and the loggia becomes one with the great room.  I don't know if you can see in this photo, but I have 9' antique mirrors on both sides of the interior fireplace.  On the exterior fireplace I added mirrors, too. Yes, they are different, but the tie the spaces together.

The back splash in the bar is the same stone used in the Loggia and the great room fireplace.  I love the texture of the split faced stone!

Here is a closer view of the fireplace side of the room.  I also brought texture in when designing the cabinets.  The faces are all a woven metal.  The metal is almost an oil rubbed bronze color.

Now you can see out the window.  La Quinta is a beautiful area in the desert!  

Into the kitchen...It was a challenge to make such a big space cozy, so I had to divide the space in two.  One area had the fireplace and TV as a focal point, the other area looked into the kitchen and towards the bar.  It's the social area.  The ceiling is 16' high, so I made it cozy by having layers of lighting.  You have the canned lighting on top, the chandeliers in the middle and then, the pendants that brings even more intimacy.    

This is how it used to look!!

Here is the kitchen now.  I love the gray cabinets and custom nickel hood.  The back splash is handmade Moroccan tiles which glimmer in the light.  Can you tell I have a crush on them?!

The kitchen table is a gorgeous piece of wood.  It looks so sculptural in the space.  Since you have a stunning view of the mountains from every window, I wanted to bring a bit of the woodsy outdoors in.  You will see the wood brought into most rooms. Not in a rustic way, more of an artsy way:)  (Very technical terms!)

This is the way I saw it my first visit.  I loved being able to visualize and turn the picture in my brain into a real space that is functional for many people.

Another area I crush on is the master bathroom.  The marble is stunning and I love the new "Bling Chandelier."  It just came on the market and it ties in so well with the new ring chandeliers in the great room.

This is a photo of the bathroom from my first walk through.  We lowered the ceiling in the shower so it wouldn't be so breezy. Doesn't that bug you?  Then, we ripped everything out and started over with a rain head, a handheld shower, two wall mount shower heads.  Oh- and a channel drain so that you don't have the ugly hole in the middle of the shower.  I wish, I wish, I wish I could stay in that space forever:-)

I think I showed you some of the other secondary bedrooms, but these photos are so much better than mine!

Of course, there is the outside.  Love the new pool and spa.  I used the same split faced stone on the wall (where the water is spouting out) as the great room fireplace and the bar back splash.  When the house is so big you have to be careful not to introduce too many different materials.  Repeating them really gives the space continuity.  

Lastly, there is an awesome fire pit.  It gets so warm and is perfect for roasting marshmallows!  

Hope you have enjoyed!  I started writing this post before Thanksgiving, so I got a little off track!  More updates soon!



  1. Geez,'s been tooooo long! Congrats on all your projects!! Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos of this amazing house. All the rooms are HUGE, yet comfortable, stylish and liveable. You've scaled the furniture brilliantly. Fantastic point of view, Kathleen!! I love it all ~

    1. I know!! I miss "hearing" your awesome comments:-) Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!! xo, K

  2. I am so impressed, Kathleen. Your work is phenomenal. What a stunning transformation from dated and ho-hum to dramatic, stylish, and inviting. You have a brilliant sense of proportion; everything looks 'so right' - my favorite expression often uttered by my beloved grandmother who had firm opinions on the subjects of symmetry and proportion.
    Glad to hear from you again!

    1. You are so sweet, Phyllis! I really love the Grandmother comment. I can hear my Aunt Florence saying the same thing:-) Hope you had a great holiday!! xoxo, K

  3. Wow! You've been having fun!! Beautiful work.


  4. Really wow. Amazing work. Have a nice day.


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