Sunday, December 23, 2012


Happy Holidays!

I hope you are able to enjoy some time with your families this week!  I am excited to see my sister and her family as well as my brothers and their families.  We have such fun with "cousin time," as we call it.  The kids hang out, hit the beach (I know, but we live in Southern California), go on a ferry ride, make crafts- and eat!  We have lots of laughs.  Ok, a few tears, but what is cousin time without a few cousin fights:-)

I wanted to share a part of an install I just squeaked out on Friday!  This is a Christmas surprise for four kids ages 10-16, so I can't share it all yet!  My client had just purchased a big TV, but other than that, I was able to start with a blank slate.  

We wanted a cozy, but interactive space, so the kids could hang out.  I had a yummy chocolate velvet sofa made, orange poufs flown in from Morocco,  some awesome chairs upholstered in an indestructible, pleather (OK, faux ostrich skin) , with rockin' nail heads and very strong casters and a Murphy bed designed to be adorable as well as accommodate those fun guests!  Everything was custom- in a great way!  One of my favorite things that I had made was this backgammon table by Oomph!  It is a painted in a "Club Navy" lacquer and it is sooo fun!  

Here is the backgammon table with one set of pillows:

In this photo, you can see the navy a bit better.

I definitely love these pillows I had made better:)

Do you see the adorable blue and white on the game board too?  Love, love!

Here is a quick pre-accessorized Murphy bed/display shelves.  I don't think it looks too bed-ish!  I loved repeating the diamond shape I used in the pillows:

Back to Oomph...If you are not familiar with Oomph, you must visit their website.  I could have everything they sell on their website in my own house!  The offer customizable furniture in the most amazingly fun colors.  Here are the colors you can have furniture painted.  I actually went and visited them in New Canaan, Connecticut over Thanksgiving so I could visit the precious backgammon table! 

The first thing I said when I arrived was, "SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!"  Literally, I had to shut the front door so I could take a picture of it.  Have you ever seen a cuter door?

Here is a little vignette with their new sconce on top of their Palm Beach Demi-Lune table.  I just ordered two for another client and can't wait to see those!!

Look at the fun colors on some tables they had in the offices.  They were just determining some new hot colors...I see plum in their future!

Had to buy some Oomph candles!

 Some Christmas red?

An adorable "Tini" table as they call them.  Aren't they cute and teeny??

 Love the quatrefoil shape.

 Seriously?  Could the shapes be any more adorable?

Another vignette of fabulosity.  This is in their foyer.

 Oh, did I mention they offer pillows in some of my favorite fabrics?

 Another new sconce.  The clean lines and the gold are wonderful.

 My daughter wants this set up- complete with the pillow and candle in her room!

 Can I say STOP the madness?

I just wanted to wish you happy Omph-tastic holidays!!  Hope you have a ton of rest and fun!



  1. Another cool project, Kathleen! You had an awesome year in 2012! I've enjoyed your work very much. Have a Merry Christmas! And a happy and healthy New Year~
    Very best,

  2. I can't wait to see the rest of the pics! You are so talented, Kathleen! I'm going to have to get to the Oomph showroom here asap!

  3. Oooh Kathleen, an Oomph backgammon table is at the top of my wishlist! I saw a cerused oak version at the NYC gift show last year and have been coveting it ever since. Wishing you a happy, healthy and laughter-filled 2013!

    1. OMG! I LOVE the cerused oak version! I just need a bigger house:-) Maybe I should move to Vermont! xo, K


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