Tuesday, January 22, 2013



You know those people...We ALL know those people.  The people who are so positive, so amazingly inspirational, so...everything!  You just want to be near them and try to soak up some of their energy.  They are the people who make lemonade!

Well, I was walking my dog around the neighborhood (yes, she is in desperate need for the beauty parlor!), and I saw that someone(s) had taken some chalk and had put multi colored arrows all over the streets.  So, I did what I had to do- I followed the arrows!  

What did I find?  Lemonade ahead.  I KNEW it had to be my lemonade girl, my very own daughter!

Well, I missed her but I found traces of her everywhere!  Some signs strewn on the street...advertising lemonade for sale- by the lemonade buddies!  I am so blessed that my daughter, Posy, has such great friends next door!  They ALL love to make LEMONADE!  So happy, so energetic.  Why sit around the house if you could grab a lemon and make lemonade?!

Yes, they drank their own lemonade...

And this was found, in the alley near our house.

You see, Posy has a lemon tree outside of her window. (You can see our neighbor's house next door.)  We have no fence between our house- and that is a great thing!!  Could have been horrible, but why build a fence when you have the lemonade buddies next door?

 The lemonade buddies!

So go ahead, grab a lemon- or two or three.

image found on Pinterest

And then...OOPS, wrong words!  Haha.

image found on Pinterest

And make some lemonade.  Yup.  That means take something sour and make it sweet.  Put a positive spin on something that would ordinarily turn your day sour.  I dare you:-)



  1. What a cute post...love the message and the girls are adorable. Hope they made some money!

    1. Thanks:) They didn't make much...but who cares?! Haha. Maybe next time.

  2. Nice, Kathleen!!! So charming. But 25 cents is too cheap. At least 50!! :)

    1. You are right! Especially in Newport! Haha-just kidding!

  3. I want to hang with the tequila girls. I love that they drank it themselves. What a great time in their lives, and they won't fully know it until they are much older.

  4. cute and savvy marketing with those arrows! Have a great week Kathleen.
    xo Nancy

  5. How inventive ...the chalk sign on the street! I'm thirsty now...and we have a lemon tree bursting, too!


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