Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Doors- Spain

What is it about other countries?  They always have the most amazing doors!!  The doors set the stage and say, "What you are about to see is exciting and important!"  The doors show craftsmanship and quality.  They are handmade and not purchased at Home Depot:-)  Some are beautiful in their extravagance and others are beautiful for their simplicity.  

I just got back from Spain Sunday and have been looking at my photos.  I had to share because I already miss the beauty.

Here is an example of the ornate.  Can you imagine the hours spent hand carving the doors?   This is a photo from the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.  

This is the simple.  This is a photo from Elciego which is like a little Napa Valley.

Again, simple, but handmade.  The stone work is beautiful, so monochromatic and then you get the pop of red.  Love!

Here is a sweet detail.  It's not a knocker, just an embellishment.

 I adore the arches.  We don't have many around my home:)

Look at this door with Biblical words.

I must have been a bit wobbly when I photographed this door!  Even the detail is cockeyed!  

 Really?  Wow!

OK- had to throw this in there.  My lovingly made cappuccino!  OMG.

The brickwork is incredible.  It creates a gi-normous frame for this little graffiti-ed door.

 Again, the HOURS of carving.  People spent their lives carving and carving.  

There is a picture of my son taking a picture.  All of my kids were blown away by the art, the craftsmanship, the story telling and beauty that went into the doors.  

Next time you go on a trip, take a look at the doors!  They can show you what is important to the people of the city, town or village.  I have to go back and open all of the photos.  I haven't even downloaded them all!  

I hope to see you tomorrow for more on the One Room Challenge!!



  1. I know, Kathleen, why can't character and detail be found with ease? I realize that it is more expensive to produce things that may not have mass appeal but I will pay a little more for cool front door.

  2. I love exploring new places. What we take for granted here, is art somewhere else. Love the doors and architecture.

  3. Welcome back, Kathleen! Loved hearing from you!!! What a coincidence. I've been thinking doors, doors, doors! Want an antique one (natural wood, unpainted) with lots of fabulous carvings - to hang over a painted chest in our TV room. Love all these photos :)


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