Saturday, March 2, 2013



While in Madrid last week, I stayed in a hotel that had a fabulous Loewe shop in the lobby.  I know you think I am a true fashionista (BAHAAAHAA!), but I hadn't heard of Loewe before.  The store was beautiful and my daughter and I made a stop in every time we were near the lobby.  During my visits I learned that Loewe was founded in 1846 (OLD!), and became the "Official supplier to the crown" in 1905, and that each piece of leather goods is handcrafted and can be customized.  I am a true sucker for anything that is hand made with care and precision!  For me, this is an ART!  I knew I loved the store for a reason!!

Here are some of my pictures taken in the store.  I adore their presentation, the amazing colors and the classic nature of the pieces.  Am I a tie person?  NO, but I wanted to buy ALL of these!!  Look at the patterns.  Beautiful!

Now for the good part, the handbags!  LOVE the display!  These are the new spring colors.  Do you see the neon pink handles?  I know, neon is coming back and it scares me a bit.  However, a little pop of it is much better and more fun than a neon green headband, with neon pink laces in your Reeboks:-)

This is the gorgeous collection from the winter.  I would live in the green bag!

This is actually a good picture.  Yes, I took them with my iPhone.
Here is a shot with the neon handle.  I think it is so fun!

The winters up close.

Did I mention I love the green?

OK, I will even take these!

Did I mention the scarves?  OMG.  I tried on every one in the store.  I especially loved the butterfly scarves.  

The wool scarves are amazing.  This is their logo.

 Just look at the belts!

Go visit their website: Loewe.  Here are a few images, including their logo from their site.  I think I just want the guy on the horse! Muy macho!

So you are wondering, what did I walk away with???  Well, here is my baby!  Am I a pink chick?  NO!  But, I became one.  The scarf looks so good against black.  Look at all the dazzling colors.  

This may be your last time you will hear me chat about fashion, but in case you see a foxy lady (BAHHAAAA!) walking down the street sporting a pink butterfly scarf, please say hello!!



  1. That scarf is gorgeous! The first photo reminded of a picture I took of all the colorful ties in Vineyard Vines at Fashion Island (for no particular reason). I'd love to meet you at the conference!!! My email is [email protected] Hope you wear the scarf to the conference...then I will be able to find you :)

  2. Kathleen you are hilarious! I think I need one of everything here. Especially the scarf you have!! It's beautiful!

  3. I am super envious of that scarf. I would frame it. I'm glad you said "coming back" for neon. I have lived through 2 or 3 neon color explosions, so that means I am too old to strut it like the teens. I do love the pop on that handbag, I would do that. As for ties, I agree, I love looking at ties. I think it is a good indicator of color hitting the mainstream.

  4. Love love love Loewe. When I lived in Sevilla I window shopped there all the time. Still regret not making a purchase bc the dollar was so strong and peseta so weak then. Anyway, I love your beautiful scarf!!


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