Saturday, April 20, 2013


Building a Home

I have been back spending a ton of time in the desert helping a client build a home.  There is no magic formula to follow when building a home.  No start with A and end at Z.  If you do start at A then go to Z, you will have taken the wrong path.  Building a home is about starting with a plan, sticking with the plan and then fluidly diverting from the plan- then don't forget to go back to the plan!  

This home has been no exception.  Ideally, I start a project when it is in the planning stages.  I can see things on an architect's plan that will and will not work for the people who are living there.  In this home, I started as the foundation was poured.  The architect's vision was a bit different than the homeowner's, but until walls are framed, a homeowner often can't visualize this.  So, the plan has been a little more fluid than usual:-)

This is the home in the framing stages.  You can see that the electrical has been started, the pool outside has been poured and as of this week, we have some drywall and wire and paper on the outside for the stucco!

It will be a beautiful view!

From the courtyard to the street.
From the street to the entrance.
The left garage.
The entry into the home.

Drywall in the garage.
The steam room:)
Behind the scenes, I have been working on the drawings for all of the bathroom cabinets  (there are NINE bathrooms!), the kitchen, the three bars, the closets, etc. The original plan had soffits and beams on top of the kitchen cabinets.  I really love a high ceiling, so I worked with the builder to route the ducting in a different direction, so we didn't have a soffit and now we can have cabinets and a hood that go to the ceiling.  Bye bye beams! 

All of the notes are from a chat with the homeowners.  We walk through where the silverware would go, the big pots and pans, the Tupperware, the spices, the olive oil, etc.  I love to have the client pretend that they are cooking a meal, getting their morning coffee, feeding the kids,etc.  This helps them determine where to place the items in the kitchen.

  A vanity.

Here is a selection of finishes...The stone for the outside of the home in the middle, the stucco color on the right, the roofing material on the bottom, the color of the beams on the left.
Here are some of the slab/tile selections.

Powder room #2.
 Master #2
 Master #1
 His casita bath.
 Kitchen island
 Loggia fireplace stone.

Well, that is it for now!  You can see the color  foundation for the home and all of the furniture will harmonize with this.  Speaking of furniture, I have been busy selecting furnishings, lighting and everything else!  I can't wait to show you lighting.  Have a great week!!



  1. You have some wonderful projects in the desert. Thanks for sharing this one, Kathleen. Enjoyed seeing the "early stages." What spectacular views!! This home will be stunning.

  2. I love this stuff. You have no idea how much. I love looking at blueprints, and walking the plans. That stone for the kitchen is so fantastic. I am going to love watching this one.


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