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Hi all!  I feel like I have been living on the edge.  After the One Room Challenge, I have been immersed in many projects- one of which is my new business name!  Yes, Bye-Bye Pacific Family Homes and hello Kathleen DiPaolo Designs.  Here are some new fun things that go along with a new name!

Business cards:

 Blog Banners

I will also be moving to a bigger office space in about a month!  I can't wait to show you pictures.  I am soooooo excited!  Can't wait to spread out on work room tables!

I have also been working on a hotel project in Laguna Beach and we have been fine tuning the "tester" room.  Window treatments went in today:)  New carpet, floor tile, bathroom has been installed over the past month.  We are still waiting on some furnishings, pillows, art work, light fixtures, beds, chairs and a sofa.  Once we get it all together, then we can order for all of the other rooms:)

Speaking of Laguna Beach, I have been working on a total remodel that has to be ready by June 1st.  The progress has been so fun and they are painting the outside the week and the interiors next.  Can't wait to see the new hardwood floors, tile, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms and, well, everything that I have selected.  I have been a drywall dusted girl!

I have also been schlepping out to the Palm Springs area for a new home that is being built.  Last week I finalized the tile and stone selections for the NINE bathrooms.  Yes, NINE bathrooms!!  This didn't even include the tile and stone for the pool, courtyard, the 5 fireplaces, and the exterior of the home.  The house has been framed, the windows are in and the electrical has been cruising along.  This has to be finished in time for a July 4th party so I am madly pulling together furniture/lighting/case good selections- and, of course, fabrics!

Now, last week, no, it was THIS week, I did an installation of a 10- year-old girl's room.  So cute I can't stand it!  The colors she wanted are bright and fun- as is the rest of the home:)  These are some project pictures.  I love the new bed that I had made. Her sister has an upholstered bed and she didn't want it to look like hers.  Of course!  The turquoise pillow is made from a new Jonathan Adler fabric.

The sofa is a sleeper and was re-incarnated as a modern sofa with square arms.  You should have seen it before!!  It had a heart shaped back and rolled arms.  Nothing a little elbow grease couldn't change:)

I had all of the side tables sprayed white and they became fresh again.

I also had an ottoman re-upholstered in white patent leather.  It is darling.  The fabric was late, so I just used everything else until is was ready.  It is in my car now:)

The little Oomph pillow with the pom-poms is so cute.  

Did you see the Quadrille Zig Zag patent leather wallpaper behind the bulletin board?  This was left over from my master bathroom.  It brings the turquoise to the other side of the room.
The other little snafu came when I had these green pillows made from some Kathryn Ireland fabric.  They were cut too small, so I had to re-order fabric.  I love the fabric though.  Now, the wing back chair fabric is one of my favorites from Quadrille/China Seas. Yum!

Anyhow, I will keep you posted- ha, no pun intended- and let you know about my other fun projects!

Have a great weekend!


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