Monday, May 6, 2013


House of Turquoise

I am so excited!!!  You see, I was asked to guest blog for an idol of mine:-)  Erin is the blog Queen who writes the House of Turquoise blog!  I have followed Erin for a long time and never tire of seeing one of my favorite colors- TURQUOISE!!  So, please go on over and visit her blog.  

Here is a little snippet of my intro to get you excited...

First of all, shout out to ERIN!!!  I am so excited she asked me to share!!  I love Erin's blog.  In fact, it is the first blog that I subscribed to- and I have never stopped it coming into my email:-)  I am a little jealous that she is going on a baby moon.  I never did that, and 16 years later, I wish I had. Haha!

Below, I will share some photos of a room I recently installed for a 10- year-old girl.  She is one of four (2 girls and 2 boys) and her older sister already had a gorgeous headboard, so we couldn't compete. The great thing is that her sister chose lavender and lime green so my client had TURQUOISE and fuchsia all to herself.  We did bring in the lime green so that the rooms can relate to each other-  Hi sister's room!

Don't forget to click HERE to see my post and see the fun pictures!



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