Saturday, October 5, 2013

TRADITIONAL PROJECT-East Coast in Newport Beach


I have been working on a traditional home all summer.  It has been fun to watch the space evolve.  We started with a home constructed beautifully.  The millwork is sublime, the exterior used brick stunning, and everything was solidly made.  

Sounds pretty simple, no?  Well, the metamorphosis started with staining the hardwood floors throughout the entire house.  Then, the walls needed painting and all of the built in cabinets needed new drawers and the faucets needed a facelift and the marble floors needed to be resurrected- oh, and the marble countertops needed a little resurrecting too! LOTS of "ands!"  Trust me, I could go on with the ands:)

Once the bones of the home were finished, we needed all new light fixtures - except three- and a lot of upholstery, window treatments, rugs and pillows for the entire home.  The amazing part was that the home owners already have a gorgeous collection of antique furniture, art and antique blue and white pottery.  The elements are very traditional, but we wanted to update it and bring a lightness in that is more reflective of living in a beach house. The furniture and accessories had been in storage for 3 years so I couldn't determine a floor plan without seeing the furniture, knowing the measurements and then, actually placing it.  

Here is an attempt to place furniture without the measurements!!  Kind of funny!!

It was fun changing the colors from rusts, navy and green to pale soft blues and greens.  I am still not finished.  I got the downstairs furniture from the upholsterer this week and will get the remainder next week.  No one is living in the house and the construction is complete, so I am doing this a bit differently than the usual big install and then done!  My last layer will be the gorgeous curtains for the dining room and the master.  I can't wait to see them!

So, here is the behind-the-curtains, unfinished project.

Dining Chairs fresh from storage:

Dining chairs fresh from the upholsterer.  Still waiting for the curtains!

Sofas from storage:

Fresh from the upholsterer (without pillows- I want my pillows!):
Obsessed with the sofa fabric by Cowtan and Tout!

This is the upstairs den.  The rugs I found at Stark are amazing!!!  Thanks, Denny M.!!  I have so much fun bringing fabrics with me to the Stark showroom and see how they work with the rugs.  I love flipping through them one-by-one.  If only they had Turkish coffee, I would be transported back to Turkey:)

In the space you can see how the rug brings the colors in the art, lamps and furnishings all together.  The blues in the rugs are more Levi- jean colored, not navy and this lightens the entire space.  Did I mention, I can't wait for my pillows?  

Some gorgeous wallpaper I added to the formerly pink room.  The room will be all browns, beiges and whites with color coming from the ceramics

Here is a little vignette from the kitchen.

I think this is all of the "peek" I can share.  I can't wait to accessorize, get the pillows and add window treatments.  It will all make sense!  Hope you have enjoyed!  Don't forget, I have been sharing other behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram.  Please follow me at!!



  1. Love that wallpaper with the birds combined with the rabbit print! Great transformation!!

  2. Absolutely lovely work, Kathleen! Love your selections.

  3. Hi Kathleen, I love how the pieces look reupholstered. What a beautiful transformation. The curb appeal on that home is lovely

  4. Beautiful, KDP!!! Having lived in DC, you know this home looks like it belongs here. I love all your selections, you talented thing!! :) Stay fabulous ~
    x Loi


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