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One of the "High Points" of visiting the High Point Furniture Market was my visit to CR Laine! I have never used their furnishings in my design projects but I am so excited to use them in future projects!!  My friend and fab designer, Traci Zeller, brought me to their showroom and I fell in love.   I literally gasped at several pieces!!

What I loved so much was their attention to detail.  I always want my clients to have furnishings that are uniquely theirs.  If I add special details, they won't walk into their neighbor's home and see the same piece.  The other thing that grabbed my attention was their use of color.  CR Laine has endless rooms filled with bright colors and neutral colors- ALL of which are HAPPY colors!!  

Just look at the room below.  The combo of the blue (not navy, not purple, not, reminds me of some blueberries I picked in Maine!) and orange are divine.  Again, happy!  I know I am a West Coast girl now, but it reminds me of my East Coast beach times.

Look at those framed bathing suits.  Too cute.  I even go the model to smile when I asked him how it felt to sit in that amazingly fresh wing-back chair in zesty orange:)

Seriously?  Cutest fabric ever!  So crisp with the white piping on the seat cushion.  Again, the details!
This room reminds me a bit of paradise.  I love how modern the vintage table looks next to their furnishings!
The window treatment fabric with the Koi fish is rockin'!
Now, look closely at these swivel chairs.  The CR Lanie exclusive trim makes the whole chair. It is even made from Sunbrella fabric so that it won't fade.  I really like using Sunbrella fabrics in Southern California for this very reason.  Again, with the Koi. Love, love Koi!
This chair has a great shape, great paint color and amazing fabric!  I trifecta!
This chair is so comfortable!  Actually, they all were comfortable:)  Again, this chair should be very traditional, but the tight back and the contrasting welt (Blue piping) on the cushion and arms give this chair a fun preppy vibe.
The two blue and white chairs together look so yummy- especially with the blue and white behind it.

I hope you can see these two chairs below.  I literally PETTED the chair!  The fabric was so luxurious- and hip- and dressy- yet cozy.  LOVE!
This wing back chair has the cutest buttons on the back with a slightly contrasting color.  Just enough to make you look twice.
Now, let's get back to this stunning room that had the luxurious chairs.  Do you see the wallpaper?!  OMG.  Black Crow Studios. You must click on the link and visit the website.  Be prepared to rock out.
OK- This is just stunning!  Love the daybed!  Holly Blalock, the creative genius behind all of this, mentioned that the day bed is the size of a twin mattress.  Yes, you can throw some sheets on for that random guest that wouldn't leave.  They might get a little too comfortable, however, so make sure to leave the curtains open when they sleep on it.

This happy pair of chairs has the best fabric on them!!  Did I get a good photo?  NO!  But, I am showing you anyhow so you can work on your imagination skills:)

I know- I can't leave this room!!!  It is a soothing, neutral palette, but aren't you happy?  Aren't the details fabulous?

Now, look at this sofa.  I could use it in ANY project and again, the adorable trim on the skirt.  LOVE!  It is another Sunbrella beauty.

Just when I was about to live again, I died- when I saw this pair of chairs!  The stripe is heavenly and since I took terrible photos you can't see the adorable baseball stitching on the cushions.  Love! 
One more fabulous stripe!  The pillows are cute, too.  I didn't even have to line the stripe up.  

Would you look at the back of this chair?  How cool is the exoskeleton!  OK, the word exoskeleton just came out.  Bio in High School??  Not sure, but I think it works:)
Here is another clean, clean beauty.  Oh, let me make YOU special too!  Let me add a little ribbon and some nail heads.  Thank you.  Now I am a show stopper!

There is the fabulous Traci Zeller!  She is adoring the chaise and then STOP!  What is that mirror?  Oh, is this a Landon Shockey design?  Why YES!  The same Landon Shockey from the Gilded Stag!  Obsessed with this mirror!
Hey good lookin'!  Whatcha got cookin'?
Here is the twin chaise.  A little bit wing back, a lot of comfort.  Ahhh.  I spy a Madcap Cottage pillow!
Another Gilded Stag beauty!  You must buy this so you can peek INSIDE the drawer.  Adorable!!!  

That sofa table is another piece from the Gilded Stag!  I really like the mirror that is behind the fretwork.  It bounces light and make you look at the piece over and over.
I know!!  This bar by the Gilded Stag is AWESOME!!  The top tray even comes off in case you want to carry it somewhere. LOVE.

I really love how CR Laine and The Gilded Stag's pieces complement each other.  The sofa is stunning and the fun burst of energy from the side table puts the entire thing over the top.

This pink is amazing.  The fabric is so inviting.  Yes, it is shocking pink, but when you look closer you see how rich it is.  Also, the shape of the chair just impresses me!
I really like the boxed pillows with the white and pink.  So fun!

Don't you love this slipper chair?  First, I am in a big fat zig-zag phase and I am always in a turquoise phase, so that chair is just the cutest!
I love this more- feminine wing back chair.  The soft edge combined with the tape on the bottom make it elegant. Did I mention it swivels?

This sitting area has some great pieces.  The awesome velvet on the lounge chair makes you want to lounge, the detail on the sofa with the tape on the skirt combined with the tape on the pillows brings your eye to the arrangement and the zig-zag pillows are just yummy!!

I just adore the color of this bench/cocktail table.  

Now, for the black and white friends.  Don't worry, I didn't forget about you!!  Have you ever seen such amazing marbling in a fabric?  I wish you could see the little bit of silver that reflects when you walk by the chair.  It is really stunning.

This black leather chair is part bad-ass, part I-am-so-much-cooler-than-you.  I think it is the studs.  They are just so studley!

Look at this black sofa with a thin stripe of white on the skirt.  I love it- especially when this black is combined with this gorgeous green!

No they didn't!!  Oh ya, they did!!  A green chair with this stripe going down.  It is just a real beauty!
I forgot to ask about the gorgeous table, too.  LOVE!

As you can see, I could have gone on forever.  So, let me leave with this last image.  I hope you are thinking what I did when I walked by it.  ALLLLLLLL I wanted to do was JUMP on the orange pouf!  If I wasn't so worried about seeing everything else, I would have ripped my boots off and made the leap.  Really.  I did pet it however.  So cozy, so awesome.  I am sure my dog would LOVE it!!

Hope you enjoyed the CR Laine showroom tour!!  Can you tell I am excited about everything!!  I used the word "love" four thousand and seventy six times. Thanks again to Holly Blalock for the tour and her talents and of course, thank you to the awesome Traci Zeller, designer and High Point Style Spotter extraordinaire! 




  1. Thank you for the thorough tour, K! I especially love the white chairs with the pillows that continue the center stripe~

  2. I love all of that orange. Thanks for the tour!

  3. Great job on covering CR Laine. They really do have a fabulous showroom, don't they? Sorry we missed each other at both Design Camp AND High Point. Next time we have to do a better job of trying to coordinate! XO!

  4. I love my guest appearance!! Such a fun post, Kathleen - I could hear you saying all of those things!!! A lucky teenage girl is getting one of those fabulous Gilded Stag side tables in her new bedroom; how much is she going to love that drawer?!?!


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