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I have to say, one of my BEST sources for stone and tile is Venetian Stone Gallery.  They carry the most special and unique slabs I have ever found.  We have stone yards all over Orange County, but the impeccable taste of the owner, Scott Dee, drives the selections.  He constantly travels the globe in search of new sources.  To top that, I adore partnering with my sales consultant, Janny Adamson.  She is always there for a laugh and great advice! With their quality of stone, could they be stuck up and snobby?  Sure- BUT THEY ARE NOT!! When you walk into the show room, you can feel the invitation to touch and feel the stone- as well as get educated about the stone, where it is from and any other special tidbits of information.

They have recently updated their website and it shows some of their beauties.  I have used their products for most of my work.  I am just showing you a couple of shots of my work and tons of images I have taken of Venetian's stone.  LOVE!

The kitchen backsplash is also one of their amazing tiles!

The countertop is a Carrara Azul.  Yep, a beautiful blue gray.

Love the slabs and the gorgeous veining!

Here is some custom tile work we did for the stairs.  I designed four patterns and love the variation of color only found in the custom application of the glazes!

Now the slabs!!  Look at those grays and browns with hints of blue.
I can't wait to use this striated slab.  I stopped and stared for minutes!
These quartzites are stunning.  The left appears white but upon closer inspection, you see all of the veining and hints of color. The slab on the right is bursting with color and movement.
Here is a stunning onyx that got of the boat this week!!  I am using this for a new powder room.  I am also obsessing on this large scale travertine tile that has been silver leafed. WOW!

Love the combination of the muted slab with the stunner of tile. 

This onyx is fab with these silver leafed tile.  Yum!  I see a powder room!
This Alabastrino Travertine has a nice striation and works so well with these hand made tiles! The tiles are very dimensional.
This swirly marble is another stunner.  Can't you see it as a shower wall?  

This slab is a beautiful Venatino marble which looks lovely with this marble hex tile.  I have used this combo in a lovely bath I recently finished!
I have never seen anything like this!  It is so amazing, I am sharing four photos!  The blues, purples and yellows create a unique vibrancy.

I adore this green!
 Great colors in this quartzite!
I can't wait to use this slab in a master bath I am working on. The tiles are cement and are going to be in a custom color and installation.  So excited!!!

Calacatta Bluette.  Yep, Calacatta that has these gorgeous blues and grays and whites. OMG.  Does anyone have a master bath I can use this on:-)

Photo from Venetian Stone Gallery

I hope you like my mini tour!  Please stop by and say hi to Janny, Scott and anyone else you meet.  They are a fabulous group of people with an amazing product to share with everyone!!  Be sure to click on the link here for their website.  Happy perusing!



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