Monday, February 27, 2012



Yes, I am completely obsessed with Pinterest.  I love looking and pinning.  It is a verb!  If you have no idea what I am talking about, go to and join!  I have been so inspired by the images I have seen.

This laundry room is a perfect example.  I am SURE I would actually enjoy doing laundry.  Who knew that one could have so much eye candy while folding!  Jennifer Beshears from The Pink Pagoda created this as a DIY project!!  Note her monkey artwork that can be found on her Etsy store.

Pink Pagoda

Now, look at these floors!  They are amazing.  In fact this entire room is amazing.  Soft, textural and lovely.  It makes me want to pause and take it all in.

Elle Decor

I always enjoy designing children's bedrooms and Amanda Nisbet never fails to inspire.  The details on the bed corners, the art, the window treatments and the floor!  The colors are vibrant and sophisticated at the same time.  This girl room can be a teen room and even a guest room!

Amanda Nisbet

And wallpaper.  Love so many kinds!  I was recently at a presentation by a member of Phillip Jefferies.  The have so many amazing products that will soon be available!  I can't wait to use this new rivet collection.  Isn't it rivet-ing!  You can even get the rivets in different colors.  Fun!

Phillip Jefferies

Now, who doesn't want to come home to a "happy place!"  Look at the fantastic collection by Lilly Pulitzer
Lilly Pulitzer

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Sunday, February 19, 2012


Hanging Beds

What do you do when you have a small bed room and a teenage boy?

Well, I have two boys and two small rooms.  Both boys like to hang out with friends- "Chillin'" and "relaxin'".  They would kill me if they knew what I was writing!  But I digress.  They are too old for a bunk bed so I thought I would squeeze a hanging bed in each of their rooms so they can have a place for their friends to hang out.

I bought the big rope at Home Depot and ran it up through the ceiling and my handy man attached the rope to the ceiling joists. The wainscoting was the perfect ledge for  a cleating system to secure the bed.  I know all boys try to swing off their beds like Tarzan.

Below are two pictures of one of the rooms.  (The other room is too messy!)

Note the skateboard

A small closet is the perfect bed frame!

Below are some pretty and inspirational photos I found on Pinterest.  Enjoy!!:


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Work in Progress: Part Deaux

In case you didn't read the last blog, we are on a two part tour of one of my favorite client's home.  Upstairs is where you find the bedrooms.  The best part is that I have worked with her for a long time and she trusts that I know her style.  When I designed her kids' rooms, she just let me do what I wanted.  It was only because I knew what SHE wanted with out her having to explain.  Sooooooo fun and what an opportunity!!

In the master I was excited to have another fireplace.  It is a place that makes you want to cuddle up!  The room is very large and I was able to fit two fabulous white linen chairs from Gardenology and a wonderful rattan sofa with tons of pillows.  You can get the entire family, including the three dogs, up there.

Master Bedroom

This is the master bath with the marble tub in center stage.  On the tub deck are sea sponges, bath salts, bubble bath and plush towels- great for a get away!
Master Bath
Having twins, means two rooms- different, but similar.  Fortunately, they both love turquoise, pink and yellow!  Up went the Philip Jefferies Burmuda Hemp Grasscloth which set the stage for the queen sized trundle beds I had made with Quadrille's Pina fabric in Dark Turquoise on Tint.  I love that they have a place for their friends to sleep over.  Can't forget the Moroccan poufs to jump on, read on and roll over.  The vintage yellow bombe chests were found on Etsy, as were the vintage pierced lamps.

Twin #1
Twin #2 has the same wall covering and bed but has the her grandmother's curio and her mother's childhood dresser as her bed side tables.  Her lamps are vintage from Etsy, too.  I could spend all day on Etsy!!!
Twin #2
The "brother's" room was fun to reinvent!  He is a rising rock star and soon-to-be teenager, so out went the baby blue and in came the bold navy striped walls and framed vintage vinyl record album covers.  These are actually family records I found hidden away!  The bed came from Room and Board and the side table is vintage, as is the light fixture you cannot see.  

The brother

Hope you have a great night and a fantastic Valentine's Day!!


Monday, February 6, 2012


Work in Progress

Why is every home a work in progress?  Once you finish something, you have to re-do or start a new project.  It reminds me of the Golden Gate Bridge.  When the painters finish painting the bridge, they have to march to the other side and start all over again.

You know I love a never ending project!  I want to share some photos of a home that is wonderfully homey and I love working on it every time I am allowed:-)  This is one of the best clients in the world!!

Gorgeous Entrance
After entering through the gate you open the front door to a beautiful great room on the right and a library on the left.  One of my favorite things about this home is the abundance of fireplaces.  They are everywhere!

The great room is really a "great" room!  Despite the large square footage in the space, the furniture arrangement makes it cozy.  The fireplace is often on- even though it is Southern California!
Great Room- living room

Close up of fireplace

The dining room is also a cozy affair.  The King and Queen chairs make my client stay for extra long dinners.

The view from the dining room to the living room
There are two of the same Merida jute rugs- one for the dining and one for the living space.  They really tie the two spaces together!

This is the library.  It opens up to this charming patio (as does the great room).  The library was once a pool room so I had the big black balls put in the fireplace.  The pool table may be gone, but I still love the balls!  Ha:)  
The library

Tomorrow I will let you peek into some of the bedrooms.  With three children, there are some fun colors!


Friday, February 3, 2012



Is anyone as obsessed as I am about them as I am??  I LOVE, love a good headboard! When I travel I see them everywhere.  On facades, in the parks and in mirrors.  A facade inspired the headboard I made below.  Technically, it is a Queen size bed with trundle I had made for a client, but you get the idea.  You can also see I have a turquoise obsession.  This Quadrille fabric, Pina, just makes this entire bed!

The headboard below is made from gorgeous Jim Thompson hand printed fabric that I carried back from Thailand.  I even had the window treatments (and bed skirt!) made from the fabric.  I love the color and movement of the fabric.  It harmonizes with the China Seas Bangalore Paisley hand printed wallpaper.  

I love the undulating curves of this headboard.  The scallop shape was inspired by the bubbles made from the Orsborne and Little Aquarium wallpaper.  There may be a lot going on, but what little girl doesn't like to sleep dreaming about the sea?  

Can you see my source of inspiration?  These are photos from my trip earlier this week to Prague.  The history in the city dwarfs any of my California history.  Look at these buildings!

I even like the bee hive "print!"

I can see two headboards in this facade!

This reminds me of the headboard done in the Quadrille Pina fabric.

I can't wait to make a head board inspired by this mirror!  Simple, yet brings a flavor of Thailand with it!  (Can you see my children's Flat Stanley project? Ha!)

 I hope you are inspired to look for a new headboard shape!


Thursday, February 2, 2012



"After" with Nautical Maps
"After" with Oiled French White Oak floors
"After" A little built in geography lesson!


Living by the beach means living small.  Every nook and cranny is purposed and double purposed.  That doesn't mean, however, that a small space has to be ugly.  When we bought our house and saw the RED bathroom (yes, it SCREAMED red!) with the 80's movie star lights, and no shower, I saw right past the distractions and visualized what the space could be.  I knew I had to bring the space to the beach.

At the same time I gutted the bathroom, I was working on a complete remodel for a client.  We had thrown out the above pictured vanity before I realized I could up-cycle this beauty.  I took it out of the trash, added some v-groove paneling left over from my master bedroom wall, a marble top and cute knobs.  It gave us a TON more storage space.

In the second photo you can see the gorgeous oiled white oak floors that I installed all over my house.  I mean everywhere.  Every bathroom, every bed room- even the kitchen.  The house is so tiny I thought I would visually make the house larger.  Your eye flows from one space to the next.  Did I worry that two boys could destroy the floor with water?  No.  I have not had one problem with the wood.  I just love it.

Now, you know I had to get rid of the RED.  So, I primed the walls and went down the street to Minney's Yacht Surplus and bought some used nautical maps.  I searched until I found a bunch of maps of places I have traveled and lived.  The maps had notes and stamps, worn edges- and pretty beachy colors:)  So, I paid $20 and called my favorite wallpaper hanger friend.  When he had worked his magic, I had my beach vibe.  I have also enjoyed the benefit of knowing I can ask my boys any geographical question!!