Thursday, May 31, 2012


Citrus Inspiration

I saw this photo of citrus cut up and I died!  What amazing inspiration for a home's color scheme!  The yellows, oranges, greens and pinks look so fresh together.  That would energize a home, right?

How about some lime-striped floors with lime-seating topped with a grapefruit ceiling?

NY Magazine
A stunning Madeline Weinrib carpet with the orange background and grapefruit accent color?

Madeline Weinrib
I mean, really.  The union jack AND the orange dress with lemon accents?

Funky Time
The lemon stripes and floor are almost a lemon-lime color.  Stunning!

House Beautiful

 How about a moment to pause and enjoy the lime chest?
Young House Love
 Or, you could go crazy and stripe the floor...

Kate Spade Store Palm Springs
 Don't forget the lime greens in the formal garden.

 OR, another gorgeous carpet...
Rug Studio
 With an orange pagoda mirror on top?
Mirror Image
I just love this lemon stool/coffee table with hits of lemon and orange in the window treatments!
Better Home and Garden
 Succulents always bring a little lime in the house.  How come mine don't look this good?!
Simply Succulent
 A grapefruit chevron patterned ombre wall.  WOW!

I hope you eat your oranges today!!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Turquoise Love

OK, who doesn't need a little turquoise in her (or his!) life?  Anyone who knows me, knows that turquoise is one of my favorite colors!  One of my must-read blogs is House of Turquoise by blogger, Erin!  She is constantly finding beautiful images and writing stories about the color.  There are so many ways to get a little bit in your life. I am going to show you pictures of SOME of my favorite turquoise loves.  There is a never ending supply, so you may be seeing this title again soon:-)
BMW Isetta Microcar 
Lonny Magazine May 2012 | Photography by Patrick Cline; Interior Design by Christy Ford


Turquoise Stripes

Van Cleef & Arpels

Kohler sink

Beach Bike

Glass Bottles

Turquoise Bracelets

Jade Vine Flower

Foo Dog Lamps


Early 1950's Wedgewood Stove

Fabulous Wallpaper and Design: Schuyler Samperton
I hope this turquoise makes you smile!


Thursday, May 24, 2012



I have been busy working on this amazing 7,000 square foot house and I have been having so much fun doing it!  It has been a joy to see a house that started with some walls and concrete floors with stub-outs for water and electrical outlets come together!  It all started with a plan. 

One of the first things that had to be sourced were the lights.  Just so you understand, you need a floor plan to know where you want lights.  If you want lights, you have to have electrical outlets.  In order to put on drywall, you need to have the electrical run so you aren't going back and cutting holes in the walls to move outlets.  See?  If the entire thing isn't thought through, you can be in trouble:-)

I am going to share some of the fun hardwired light fixtures with you.  They will be hung in the foyer, the great room, the kitchen, the dining room and master. To me, lights are jewelry!  In the great room- which is bigger than my house- we have chandeliers, pendants, recessed lights and table/floor lamps. Many sources of lights are needed to make a house feel like a home.

In the great room, we will hang two of these beauties!  They are brand new from Circa Lighting and although I have seen it in polished nickel, I am dying to see it in the aged iron we ordered!  Now, for the important question, should I put the light bulbs facing up?

Circa Lighting: Ralph Lauren Roark 50" Modular Ring Chandelier
Or do I put them facing down?  How cool is that?  Now imagine these hanging from the 16' high ceiling?  Stunning!
Also in the great room, we will have four of these large sized pendants hanging down- two on either side of the fireplace.  They don't have chain, so I ordered extra tubes to bring the lights down low.  It will make a big space feel intimate.

Currey and Co. Brownlow pendant

In the kitchen, we will have three Laura Kirar for Arteriors large Caviar pendants.  We will be lighting up the 10' island with them.  Ooh, I am getting excited!

Caviar polished nickel pendants
This is another Arteriors fixture, the Thornton, that will be above the kitchen table.  It won't block the beautiful views out the windows.

In the powder room we will have these sexy pendants dripping down from the ceiling. Imagine how flawless I will look with the dim light it is going to throw off?!  Oh ya, not my house!

We are going to bring a bit of Laura Kirar's caviar into the dining room!  I can't wait to see this hung.  Can I say drama?

So that is my little peek for now.  The pool has been dug, the cabinet boxes are coming in, flooring is being installed.  Just in time to start on another home down the street that is 6,700 square feet!  

Do you have any of these fixtures?  Do you LOVE them?


Saturday, May 19, 2012



People always wonder where I come up with my inspiration.  Sometimes it is a fabulous rug that inspires the color palate of a room- or house.  Other times it is a curtain fabric, paint or a piece of furniture.  The best inspiration, however, comes from items that have nothing to do with home design.  They are the little things that we notice.  

I wonder what inspired this beautiful backsplash-

La Belle Vie
Or outdoor shutters.
Tommy Hifiger's House

 Was it this amazing bird?
Wake Up in France
 A cup of cappuccino at a friend's wedding shower? 
 Some tasty macaroons?
French pastel macaroons
 A stunning leaf?
Beautiful colors
 A bouquet of ranunculus?
 Or some thread in a needlepoint shop's window?

Rainbow of thread
 A stunning tulle skirt skirt?
 Or some Lamingtons (traditional Australian finger cakes)?

Coconut Squares

I hope you look at ordinary things in a different way today!  Have a great weekend!


Sunday, May 13, 2012


Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all of you enjoyed celebrating, being celebrated or thinking of those moms who have passed!  I have felt like a crazy, busy lunatic because work has taken over my life; so today was great to stop and think about my mom, mother-in-law and grandmothers and enjoy my family.

The morning started off with coffee in bed.  Nothing better than a double latte in a gigantic mug.   YUM!  I truly can't wake up without coffee.  My three kids jumped on the bed and my husband carried the coffee.  I was lavished with a beautiful pair of earrings and a heartfelt card.  Yep.  Sporting the beauties right now:-)

Image via Pinterest
After my brain woke up, we went off to church.  Wouldn't you love to go to church like this?  Is it the mint green color or the fancy steeple?  This isn't my church, but a photo from an artist on Etsy.  
Madden Photography
Then, off to brunch with my mom, dad and family!  

Mom, son-Christopher and brother-Scott
Brunch was at the Yacht Club where my daughter learns to sail.  My boys and husband know how, but I have no clue.  One summer I was determined to learn and although I whet my whistle, I never quite mastered it!!  OK, I was terrible.  Yes, a sabot is about 6' long.  Enough to fit my 5'2 3/4" body but not wide enough to avoid hitting my head on the sail:-)  As I said, not a yacht-er!  

BUT, I will take a brunch there any day!

Seriously, how does one cut a watermelon like that?  Edward Scissorhands must have been in on it!

My daughter and niece
It was a beautiful day and I am rested and ready to take on the week!