Tuesday, February 26, 2013


One Room Challenge- Week 4

I can't believe it is week 4 already!

So to remind all of you...This was how the room was.  My 12-year-old client wanted a more hip way to sit.

This is what I visualized. Swinging, sitting, chatting.  In the air:-)  So, I ordered one of these babies. What designers don't tell you is that when we are ordering items for clients, the items need to be shipped somewhere.  That somewhere could be a receiver, the designer's office or...the designer's home!  So, I had a fun acrylic egg chair shipped to my home as I am constantly in and out of my office, and guess who saw it?  My children!  Yes, they wondered if it was a human sized snow globe.  So funny!  Then, when I told them what it was they wanted to steal it!  All three of them:-)

Well, after finding a beam in the ceiling, guess what finally got hung up?  The chair!  There is a little swing room, but I definitely foresee some footprints on the wall.  Oh- and do you see my fabulous new Kerry Steele paintings ready to be hung up?  I love those bright colors!

I also got the desk set up.  Yea!

Do you see both chairs?  I have the ghost chair on the right and on the left it the wheel-y chair.  I like the ghost, because it takes up less visual space, but who doesn't like a wheel-y chair?   Which do you like?

OK, seeing some progress!!


Doors- Spain

What is it about other countries?  They always have the most amazing doors!!  The doors set the stage and say, "What you are about to see is exciting and important!"  The doors show craftsmanship and quality.  They are handmade and not purchased at Home Depot:-)  Some are beautiful in their extravagance and others are beautiful for their simplicity.  

I just got back from Spain Sunday and have been looking at my photos.  I had to share because I already miss the beauty.

Here is an example of the ornate.  Can you imagine the hours spent hand carving the doors?   This is a photo from the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.  

This is the simple.  This is a photo from Elciego which is like a little Napa Valley.

Again, simple, but handmade.  The stone work is beautiful, so monochromatic and then you get the pop of red.  Love!

Here is a sweet detail.  It's not a knocker, just an embellishment.

 I adore the arches.  We don't have many around my home:)

Look at this door with Biblical words.

I must have been a bit wobbly when I photographed this door!  Even the detail is cockeyed!  

 Really?  Wow!

OK- had to throw this in there.  My lovingly made cappuccino!  OMG.

The brickwork is incredible.  It creates a gi-normous frame for this little graffiti-ed door.

 Again, the HOURS of carving.  People spent their lives carving and carving.  

There is a picture of my son taking a picture.  All of my kids were blown away by the art, the craftsmanship, the story telling and beauty that went into the doors.  

Next time you go on a trip, take a look at the doors!  They can show you what is important to the people of the city, town or village.  I have to go back and open all of the photos.  I haven't even downloaded them all!  

I hope to see you tomorrow for more on the One Room Challenge!!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013


One Room Challenge- Week 3

OK- We have a LOT of winners out there...This is the Osborne and Little wallpaper we chose- Arizona!  Here is a picture of it on the wall.  I love the scale of the flowers and the pink just makes it down right cute:-)  I promise, I won't ever do that again!! Waiting is for the birds!

So, I have been looking for fabulous art to accessorize with.  I easily could have gotten prints, but I think everyone needs some original art!  In children's and teen's rooms I often will put the child's or teen's own art on the wall.  In fact, I will be doing that in this room as well.  But, there is an artist who I just adore.  If any of you out there read Jennifer's blog, The Pink Pagoda, then you must be familiar with her work below.  The paintings are by the fabulous Kerry Steele!!  You must visit her Etsy site Fine Art by Kerry Steele.  Last year, Jennifer purchased a large piece from Kerry for her One Room Challenge.  Seeing her image on her blog got me hooked.

These two pieces below are beautiful, bold abstract paintings.  The colors are so fun and her strokes are very energetic.  That is how I would describe my teen client- fun and energetic- so these are perfect.  I will put them on a wall where I plan to hang the lucite chair.  It will bring some wonderful color to that side of the room!

Now, you are wondering, what is this picture??  Well, I couldn't resist!  This is an amazing painting by Kerry that was PERFECT for MY home:-)  Haha!  I can't resist landscapes and I doubly can't resist nautical landscapes.  Kerry catches the reflections and the sky very well! Look at her brushstrokes!

OK, enough about me...Back to the challenge! 

Since my client needs a study area and a place to pin her things, I ordered a custom bulletin board by LG Designs.  It has a silver frame and her initial in bright pink.  It is adorable and is 40" x 28", so it has a lot of room to pin.  The background is "Oyster Burlap,"  which is basically burlap with a hint of silvery gray in it.  It will bring in some of the wallpaper colors across the room.

Next week I will show you a bit more.  It should be a three week challenge, except we can't do it all that fast!!  I ordered the linen for the bed I have designed.  It is a Fabricut fuchsia linen which will be lined before upholstering.  I know you are thinking, nice picture with the plastic tag.  Ugh.  Anyhow, the fabric arrived very quickly and it is already at the upholsterer's.  I can't wait to see the bed frame!

Don't forget to visit the other bloggers to see their progress.  It is so fun to see!!  Enjoy!

Well, I hope you have a great week!!  Can't wait for next week.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


One Room Challenge- Week 2 

This is week 2 of the One Room Challenge, and it is when the stress starts to set in.  I have met with my client (the 12-year-old) and her mother to determine the direction we want to take the room.  They are game to start over with everything except the pretty window treatments (and an amazing light fixture).  You can't go wrong with white linen!  

Do you remember what I am starting with...

This is where I want to go.  I want to incorporate neon pink, fuchsia, fuzzy something (pillows, area rug) and I adore that hanging chair!!  Ooh, the bright art is a must as is a desk to do homework.

So, I need to start with a clean room.  Out goes everything!  I want to paint the rooms a creamy white color.  I love the warm white of Dunn Edwards: Whisper.  This will give the entire room a base from which to start.  

Dunn Edwards Whisper

Then, I want to add a wallpaper that will bring in the FUN neon pink!!  No, I don't want it on all four walls.  I want to have it on the wall that you see right when you walk in the room.  Then, the bed in front will be framed by a beautiful paper.  Bang.  I have been obsessing on Osborne and Little wallpapers lately.  I think anyone can find a paper they adore from their collections!!

I want something girlish with a little sophistication.  That will allow her to keep the wallpaper for a while. This is my first choice.  It is feminine, but abstract and the pink is exactly what I want.  If I put a fuchsia bed in front of it the paper would look awesome. The neutral background will add the level of sophistication that we need. 

Here is choice number two.  I love these chrysanthemums.  I am afraid it might be a bit too granny though.  Don't you?

Wilde Chrysanthemum
We will have to wait and see what she choses.  Update:  I know what she chooses, but you will have to wait a week.  Are you tortured?!  I would be.  I HATE waiting for anything!!  I am so sorry:-)  Next week, I will show you the room emptied out, freshly painted and maybe a wall with wallpaper on it.  I will keep my fingers crossed:-)

Now, you must go visit the other bloggers that are participating in the challenge!  I am going to!!


Thursday, February 7, 2013


Just Breathe

Do you ever feel like you are running around like a crazy lunatic?  I do!!  I have been feeling like that a lot lately.  I saw this pinned on Pinterest and fell in love.  I had forgotten to BREATHE.  

I instantly thought of an amazing vacation to Bali that I took with my sister.  Every morning we did yoga on the beach.  It was gorgeous.  Yes, I know.  I am not that Zen!  Did I look past the sand on my yoga mat?  I really, truly tried:)  I remember the instructor saying, "Inhale, Exhale.  In, out!"  Whenever I am about to go bonkers, I often call my sister and repeat the mantra.  



Do you feel it?  I do!  I almost feel Zen!!  It worked- although it maybe the wine in the glass next to me!  Haha.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013


One Room Challenge- Week 1

I am so excited to be a part of this challenge!  What challenge, you say?  Well, Linda from the amazing blog My Crafty Home Life created this challenge to inspire the readers to take on a project.  The group of bloggers below have to face the challenge of re-working and re-designing a single room in 6 weeks.  Some bloggers are working on a room in their own homes and some are working on client's room.  I am choosing to work on a client's room.

This is the bedroom as it is today.  The room is where a 12 year old girl lives.  She has grown out of her baby room and wants a more fun, sophisticated room.  She still likes pink, but not baby pink.  She likes rocking neon pink.  

Do you see the little pillow with the neon pink writing?  It is new and hip and more in the direction she wants to go.  In fact, you can see she is so "over" her existing bed, that she has draped scarves over the headboard.  I love that!

She also has a wee bit of a problem.  The armoire is essentially a "crap collector" as I call them.  Instead, she needs a desk and a place to pin her homework, or inspirational sayings.  Right now, she is taping them on the wall.

The room feels a bit crowded with things everywhere.  As we know, daughters are collectors!  They never like to purge anything.  

Here is some inspiration:

I love the bulletin board with the clean white desk.

JAC Interiors

How cool is that hanging chair?  The texture from the bean bags is great, too.  
Bear Hill Interiors
So, I am up for the challenge and I hope you are excited to see the fun posts!  Below, Jennifer from The Pink Pagoda created this awesome banner of all the bloggers who are participating in the challenge.  Please go and visit to see what they are doing!  The links to their blogs are pasted below.