Tuesday, May 21, 2013



I am so excited!  The Joss & Main sale is live!  Thank you, thank you Joss & Main for asking me to curate this event!!!

Of course, that means I had to SHOP!!!  What I can't believe is that some of my favorites are already SOLD OUT:-(  

Thanks everyone for your support!!  Someone needs to pinch me:-)


Saturday, May 18, 2013


Joss & Main

OK everyone.  I am so excited to curate a sale for Joss & Main!  The sale will be on Tuesday, May 21st- so mark your calendars!  First of all, you must sign up in advance because it takes a little while to set up.  Just hit this link: http://www.jossandmain.com/invite/feb and off you go!  Don't worry, on the 21st I will remind you to SHOP!

The event is called "Approachable Luxury."    Joss & Main is an amazing flash sale site for all of your designer home needs.  I just love that they used a photo of one of my favorite projects!  The products that they sell will help you design a space that is just like it!

Here are several of the items that will be on sale!  

A yummy velvet sofa and a beautiful gray granite hue.
A Caramel velvet chair to luxuriate in.  I love velvet because it is ALWAYS comfortable to nap on and even if your dogs jump on the chair (not that MY dog ever does- wink,wink!) the chair still looks fab!

This is one of my favorite coffee tables by Arteriors! Do you see that I used two of them in the picture of the room I designed? It looks gorgeous, bounces light around the room AND is bullet proof.  Go ahead.  PUT THOSE FEET UP!!  No one will ever know!
Yes, I love designing monochromatic rooms in grays and beiges because it is such a challenge to make them interesting through texture and light,  but I am also a HUGE fan of my POPS of color!  I think it has been my travels to India or Turkey or even Greece where I adore seeing people living with vibrant colors.

You know that turquoise is one of my favorite colors.  Turquoise and green.  Ahh!  This stool can be used inside and out- and don't forget throwing one in your shower if you don't have a bench.  It is waterproof and looks amazing.  
Love the Indian inspired pattern on this chair.  So fun.

In Turkey, I became obsessed with the fauta towels.  The look great, are completely absorbent and can be thrown in the wash. In fact, the more you wash them, the better they absorb.

The blue headboard has such a great shape.  The nail head trim adds the right amount of subtle luxury.
Aren't these pillows fun with the buttons sewn on?  The buttons are made from shells and have such a pretty look.  Did I mention they come in sets of two?
I use Indian silver trays everywhere.  Next to my desk, next to tables, on coffee tables- as I said, everywhere!  They always look great.

Bring a little beach into the home with this great lamp.  Love.
This stool rocks too.  Indoors, outdoors, in the shower- or next to the pool.

I have used this area rug in several projects.  It is a Coastal Living rug and has beautiful colors.  They truly remind me of all the colors you see at the beach.

 Who is a fan of this little bead detail?  ME!
Another great coffee table.  The texture, the natural colors.  This is made from coconut shells!  Amazing.

Can you tell I am a fan of texture?  These can be used in so many ways.  Hiding toys in a kid's room to using it as a coffee table and stacking books on it.

Some more fun pillows with great colors!

Speaking of color- why not get a few sets of these for the summer picnics?  I am crazy about these!!
 Ooh.  I have used this mirror in many projects too.  It's wavy and gorgeous.
The zig zag is one of my favorite patterns right now.  This rug will add such subtle movement to the room- and hide a few crumbs:)
Now, let's make sure you make time to go outside and sit on this bench with the pretty silhouette.

While playing croquette!!

Or Bocce Ball!  This is a big hit at the beach near me.  Such a fun summer game.

There are so many fun products, I can't wait to shop myself!  The prices are always amazing!!  Don't forget to sign up!  http://www.jossandmain.com/invite/feb

Have a fantastic weekend.  The weather here in Newport Beach is GORGEOUS!!!


Monday, May 6, 2013


House of Turquoise

I am so excited!!!  You see, I was asked to guest blog for an idol of mine:-)  Erin is the blog Queen who writes the House of Turquoise blog!  I have followed Erin for a long time and never tire of seeing one of my favorite colors- TURQUOISE!!  So, please go on over and visit her blog.  

Here is a little snippet of my intro to get you excited...

First of all, shout out to ERIN!!!  I am so excited she asked me to share!!  I love Erin's blog.  In fact, it is the first blog that I subscribed to- and I have never stopped it coming into my email:-)  I am a little jealous that she is going on a baby moon.  I never did that, and 16 years later, I wish I had. Haha!

Below, I will share some photos of a room I recently installed for a 10- year-old girl.  She is one of four (2 girls and 2 boys) and her older sister already had a gorgeous headboard, so we couldn't compete. The great thing is that her sister chose lavender and lime green so my client had TURQUOISE and fuchsia all to herself.  We did bring in the lime green so that the rooms can relate to each other-  Hi sister's room!

Don't forget to click HERE to see my post and see the fun pictures!