Tuesday, October 29, 2013



Sometimes we need to stop and smell the roses.  I was reminded of this when I walked around Balboa Island with my daughter. Yep.  We stopped and smelled some of the most fragrant roses I have smelled in years!  Not only did they smell good, but they were gorgeous!  

So today, I feel thankful, grateful and blessed.

Please stop and smell some roses today!

xoxo, K

Monday, October 28, 2013



So, I am at the airport ready to leave Greensboro and have a little time to reflect on the High Point Furniture Market.

WELL, reflection never happened!  I jumped into work and never had a moment to reflect!  I was too exhausted from walking and walking and chatting and walking to even lift a finger to type.  I did rest this past weekend and feel like a new woman:-)

I did go over photos and found my favorite color- GREEN- in a ton of places!  My first stop was at Thibaut who partnered with one of my favorite vendors - OOMPH.  I even wrote a blog about Oomph here.  So, I walk in and see this STUNNING wallpaper by Thibaut.  It is a new collection called the Resort Collection.  LOVE!  And bang!  What is in the middle- a gorgeous mirror from Oomph.  I adore the Oomph side tables too.  I think they are the Hobe Sound side tables.

Thibaut and Oomph
Look at these darling ottomans and stools!  The Thibaut fabrics are gorgeous!

OK- the Oomph coffee table!!!  Stunning!  I think I need it for my own home.  Now are you seeing the different shades of green? The shades range from lime green to celery green. They all work beautifully together.

Here is a photo from my new favorite vendor CR Lain!  I just adored Holly who has pulled together a magical space!

CR Laine

Another new vendor for me was Emporium Home.  This "Luck Be a Lady" lamp is to die for!  The texture on the "Gold Stud" end table is just yummy.  I don't know what the crook neck lamp is called but it has crystals projecting from it.  Crazy cool.

Emporium Home
Lilian August was gorgeous too!  They focused in on every detail.  Aren't the knocker handles amazing?  This green is gorgeous with the gold.  
Lilian August
This lime green is gorgeous too with the gold.  There is just something about green and gold that is timeless.
Lilian August

Lilian August
Worlds Away did not disappoint!!   I obsessed on all of their new products!  The mirrors, the light fixtures, the tables, the everything!  Look at that luscious green!  Again- with the gold.  Lots and lots of gold to be seen.

My picture of this tray table and bar did not come out, but just look at these.  So pretty.  

Then, I hopped off to Palecek where Jeffrey Alan Marks was chatting it up about his new book, The Meaning of Home and posing near his new line of furniture.  The furniture was perfect for the outdoor life we lead in California!  Most was in hues of blue which I adore.  However, who do I adore more?  Mr. Foxy himself.  I love that he made his assistant take 6 pictures to get one of him that looks great.  I was just crossing my fingers that one of me was good enough!!

Jeffrey Allan Marks at Palecek

This chair may not look cozy, but it was!!!  So comfortable and perfect for the outdoors.
OK- this may not be 100% green, but I LOVE this china collection from Mottahedeh!  Gorgeous!

 And this china pattern called Apple Lace is stunning.  The butterfly is just gorgeous.
Mottahedeh: Apple Lace
Another new vendor for me was Van Thiel & Co.  They carry antiques, one-of-a-kind and vintage items.  As they say on their website, the pieces are the "icing on the cake" when installing a project.
Van Thiel & Co.
I also saw some new products from Jaipur rugs.  They have a new line that they were testing out with all of these fun textures below.  The carpets were very, very soft under the foot.  I loved the fun colors, too.  I could have taken a thousand photos but this just spoke to me.  I hope they decide to run with this line!!
Hickory Chair was a real treat!!  I went there to check out their showroom to find non-other than Alexa Hampton sitting on a chair and signing books.  She just came out with the book Decorating in Detail.  I just have to say that she is sooo welcoming and kind and most important to me- funny!!!  Love her!!  The book is amazing too.  It is a great design resource. There were so many gorgeous things in the showroom that weren't green.  Alexa Hampton had a room bathed in aubergine- which looks great when paired with GREEN!  I loved the ceramic collection on this table.  The China Seas wallpaper is one of my favorites and I had never seen it in this color way.  Stunning!

Hickory Chair

Sooooo, soooooo many things to see.  I loved every minute, when I wasn't dying from walking so much:)  I had great friends to hang out with and wonderful speakers spewing words of wisdom.  I can't wait to go back again.  Have a great week!


Monday, October 7, 2013



Last month I had the ABSOLUTE pleasure visiting P. Allen Smith's farm in Arkansas!  The gorgeous home, Moss Mountain Farm, is only 30 minutes outside of Little Rock yet I was transported to another world.  It may have been a hot day, but Fall was already in the air.  P. Allen Smith greeted our group and could not have been more gracious!  He answered every question I peppered him with and was funny to boot:)  I am a sucker for anyone who makes me laugh.

Here is P. Allen Smith greeting us under an enormous oak tree that is around 350 years old. It offered the most delicious shade!

Here is a close up of a beautiful branch and the tree.  I tried to ask the tree what had happened during the past 350 years, but the leaves just shimmied and didn't answer.

As I walked into his home, I quickly got into the Fall spirit.

The decor and art was impressive.  I love these expressive clouds.  The artist's use of color is amazing.  P. Allen Smith paints, too.  I forgot to take pictures of his work, but he is truly a Renaissance Man!
Loved his light fixtures!

He had the loveliest porches.

Look at the sleeping porch with this exquisite tub!! 

This is the view you wake up to.  It is so lush and behind the green trees is the river.

We had a fabulous lunch in one of the barns.  Gorgeously decorated, of course!

Yum!!  This is a shot I posted on Instagram.

Here he is showing us his garden.  It is unreal!
The espaliering pears are beyond gorgeous.   

Looking for the horses...

But found the chickens!  Ok, I was a little obsessed with them:)

Look at the house in the distance on the right and a barn to the left.

He even has his own store on the property!  He sells bird feeders:

Le Creuset.  So tiny and cute:
Home made jams and jellies:
The last part of the trip was visiting the gardens further.  Oh my gosh.  Everything looked perfect!  I have no idea what the names of ANY of these plants are, so please fill me in!  I just gazed at the color and texture.  Gorgeous!

I mean, who has a sculpture like that in the middle of nowhere?

A rose garden fit for a King...
The geese were so happy to be there!

Such a fun day!  He has a wealth of information on his website, so click here if you want to peruse- or schedule a wedding there:)Thank you for taking this journey with me!