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Designer 411: Wayfair

Traditional kitchen found at the beach!

I don't know about you, but I LOVE Wayfair.com! They literally sell everything design and home-related!  I am a member of their design/trade program and they are so awesome to work with. They are a company that says, "Of course we can!" and always take care of things if there is an issue.  My rep, Matthew Lamberson, rocks and even when things are not on the website, he finds them- and puts them on for me to buy:)  SOOOOO, you can see how excited I was to be interviewed for their Designer 411: Kitchen Renovation article!  You can click the link above to go to their site or you can read the article below.

Almost forgot!  If you want to see more images of kitchens I have designed, please visit my website www.KathleenDiPaoloDesigns.com/kitchens/.  You will notice my website has had a bit of a facelift.  I wish I could get one, too:-)  Haha!

Designer 411: Kitchen Renovation Kathleen DiPaolo is a new breed of designer, one who creates interior and exterior spaces that are also innovative property solutions—delivering both luxe living and added value to her clients’ homes. Thanks to her timeless, tasteful design aesthetic, her MBA from the USC Marshall School of Business, and a California real estate brokers license, Kathleen has become a sought-after design professional for discerning clients on the West coast. Kathleen has designed more than 300 homes, and her work has been featured in Coastal Living, Better Homes and Gardens, HGTV, and other influential publications. Kathleen resides in Newport Beach, Calif. Design: Kathleen DiPaolo Designs Before beginning a kitchen renovation there are so many questions: What kind of storage do I need? Which countertop material will best hold up to spills? What kind of lighting is ideal? Kathleen DiPaolo, of Kathleen DiPaolo Designs, is a kitchen reno expert and was kind enough to share her insights, tips, and tricks with us. Keep reading to get the answers to all of these questions and more!

1.  Which counter top material is low maintenance, but still looks great?

Quartzite! I love it! It's a natural material and can be used for kitchens, bars, and islands. It is heat resistant and doesn't scratch or etch. I always put a heavy-duty sealer on everything, but quartzite has become my go-to when staining and scratching is a concern as it often is in the kitchen.

2.  What is the "work triangle" and why is it so important?

The work triangle describes the optimal relationship in a kitchen among food storage (the fridge), cooking (the range) and food preparation (the sink). If you draw an imaginary line from each of these areas in your kitchen, you have a triangle. You want each element close, but not too close. This configuration maximizes the efficiency of the cook in the kitchen.

3.  What kind of lighting is best in the kitchen and where should it be placed?

Task lighting over the kitchen sink is fun. I like to use pendants over the sink or even swing arm lights. A swing arm light gives dimension in the space and adds a bit of the unexpected. Also, in lieu of recessed lights, use a flush mount light. There are some new gorgeous flush mount fixtures that add flair to a space.

4.  When is it a good idea to use open shelving or glass front cabinets?

I use open shelves and glass front cabinets for pretty, but functional things. I don't mean display objects. Pretty to me means a grouping of clear glasses, a stack of white plates, or white coffee cups. They are items you need to get to all of the time, but they add character to a kitchen, even when they're slightly askew.

5.  ​What are some creative storage solutions for a small kitchen?

I am obsessed with drawer-style pull out shelves. They allow one to store things in the back of a cabinet and still be able to reach them. You really double your accessible space when adding a pull out. Dividers help keep things organized and when they are organized, you can pack more in the space.

6.  What are the biggest trends you see right now in kitchen design?

Anything that makes a space unique and customized is in. No one wants a kitchen that looks like you picked it up at a box store. Painted cabinets are big—especially white, which is timeless. Painting your lower cabinets or your island a different color is also a hot trend. Along those lines, colored ranges are also trendy. Adding a matte black range in with your existing appliances updates your space. Using handmade backsplash tiles and warm metals like brass, for your hardware or lighting makes the space uniquely yours.

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So, go over to view the article Designer 411 and please leave a comment on their site!

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  1. A fabulous interview full of great tips! Thanks for sharing all those trade secrets, Kathleen! And your new site looks awesome. Congrats. xoxo, Loi

    1. Thanks Loi for always commenting!! It makes my day:-) Hope you are enjoying Maine!! xo, K

  2. Kathleen! Your site looks INCREDIBLE!! I love your interview -- so many helpful tips! Hope you're having a GREAT summer : )

    1. Thanks, Jennifer!! My kids are almost off to camp. One more day! Hope you are having a great summer:) xo, K

  3. ooh, your new site is GORGEOUS!! Great interview too, and I love quartzite! :) xxc

  4. yay! I love it girl!!! great interview too!

  5. Such a great interview...I'm off to check out Wayfair now!


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